2020 Is The Year For Clear Vision - Tips From Eye Care Experts

2020 Is The Year For Clear Vision

This 2020, let’s resolve ourselves to practising the Clear Vision Recipe every day.

A new decade, another year, and the same pair of eyes

Things change, time passes, we create new memories, meet new people and the one conduit to all these experiences are our eyes. How many moments have your eyes seen pass before them? From the time when you saw your first pet when you were a child to the time you witnessed a sky full of stars – your eyes saw them first.

But what if one day, you can’t see anymore? What if one day you can’t seem to see how your childhood pet looks like when he plays with his favourite ball? What if one day you can’t see the amazing sights of the world in front of you? Time is passing us by quickly and if we’re not careful, our sight will go with the times.

2020 foresight


As they say, “prevention is better than cure”. No matter how perfect we think our vision is, we should never take our eyes for granted. The advent of technology and digital devices makes it hard for us to pry our eyes away from the screens. Everything is centred around digital screens now – work, entertainment, even rest (think meditation apps). With our world becoming heavily dependent on the internet, our digital diet is only going to expand which may increase our screen time in time to come. We know that our digital screens are a permanent fixture in our 21st-Century lives, but we can still control how we use them every day.

Have you ever heard about the ‘snowball effect’? Basically, once you start doing something, be it small or big, if you continuously do it, it becomes bigger and maybe even better. The same can be said about our habits. Every time we make an effort to exercise the steps in the Clear Vision Recipe, we are helping ourselves take care of our eyes for the future. We safeguard our eyes for a brighter future ahead so that we can continue enjoying healthy, clear vision.

The plano adventures

And this doesn’t just apply to us adults, but to our children too. Guide them to practise the steps in the Clear Vision Recipe every day. That means taking dashes of eye breaks every 30 minutes, practising scoops of good distance and placing their books or devices 30cm away from their eyes, and spending heaps of time outdoors! At the end of the day, it’s up to them to follow Recipe and that comes from their own resolve – MyPower. Once these steps turn into habits, trust us, they’ll thank you later.

A vision for the future


Our eyes will see us through some of the biggest moments of our lives. Let’s do our future selves and our children’s future selves a favour and protect our eyes today. This new year, this 2020, it’s time to put clear vision at the centre of our agenda.

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