4 Ways to Ease Your Child Into School Reopening - Tips & Tricks

4 ways to ease your child into school reopening

Schools are starting to reopen and starting a new school term can be stressful for both you and your child, let alone during a global pandemic. Our children may feel nervous or reluctant going back to school after learning from home for a few months. They may also find it difficult to be wearing masks and be physically distanced from their peers in school. As parents, these few questions may be popping up in our heads: How do we ensure our child keeps their mask on? Will they be able to keep a distance away from their peers in school? Fret not! We have 4 ways to ease your child into school reopening.

Prepare your child for a different school experience

Schools will most likely roll out new rules that ensure safe distancing, mask wearing and practicing good hygiene habits in general. Instead of forcing these rules upon your child, teach them about the pandemic and help them understand why such safety measures are necessary.

You could let them read some age-appropriate stories on COVID-19 and public health to make it easier for them to understand [1]. It’s good to practice some of the hygiene habits at home, like washing your hands thoroughly with soap, and remind them to do it in school too. Reassure your child that the safety measures are put in place to keep them safe and healthy.

Prepare a back-to-school kit

It would be ideal to put together a back-to-school kit that consists of extra masks and a hand sanitiser. Our children may be running around in school and their masks could easily fall off. By having these extra masks in their backpack, you wouldn’t need to worry that your child picks up their mask from the floor and puts it back on. While not all schools mandate that children should be wearing masks, it would be recommended to do so to prevent the transmission of any infected droplets [2]. You could get your child reusable cloth masks that fit better on their face and that could potentially be cost-saving in the long run. In addition, the hand sanitiser provides a convenient option for them to sanitise their hands wherever they are. This simple yet effective back-to-school kit could be a solution to your worries.

Check in on your child

In addition to checking in on their physical health and grades, you should also look out for signs of stress and anxiety. Your child’s mental health could be compromised in view of the pandemic, and it’s important to let them know that it’s normal and alright to feel overwhelmed at times [3]. Talk to them and try to understand their problems, let them know that you will always be there for them.

Have a good night’s sleep

Last but not least, make sure your child has a good night’s sleep. Children between the ages of 6-13 should get 9 to 11 hours of sleep a night in order to help them develop physically and mentally. If you find your child spending late nights on their phone, it might be time for you to step in. You could limit their device usage by setting a schedule with plano app or find other ways to help manage their device usage at night. I’m sure we’d all want our children to have a good rest and start their day happily.

You can now help ease your child into school reopening and also put your worries to rest. We all have a part to play in making our children’s school experience much better!


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