The Creative Minds Behind This Series

The Creative Minds Behind This Series

At age 26, Mo Dirani completed his PhD with the world’s largest twin study on genetic and environmental risk factors of myopia. In 2009, he led the most cited scientific study on myopia in Singapore. These and other research findings form the basis of scientific recommendations embedded within The Plano Adventures.

Hwee Goh was a MediaCorp scholar and spent 16 years in Channel NewsAsia. The avid reader and communications specialist has also published bestselling non-fiction books for children. She’s also followed by likeminded parents on @hweezbooks.

David Liew is the prolific artist behind many of Singapore’s bestselling book series. Besides The Plano Adventures, he’s well known as the illustrator behind the Ellie Belly and Squirky the Alien series. He’s also published Nightmare on Eat Street, a quirky Gaiman-esque book ostensibly for children but really for adults. David also teaches and is sought after as a graphic recorder.z


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