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Beyond The Cover Page: Getting Your Child To Read More

Getting children to read more

Reading is a timeless hobby and can be done anywhere at any time. But for most children nowadays, they’d rather choose the latest mobile game than pick up a book to read. However, the benefits of reading are aplenty such as vocabulary expansion and memory and concentration improvement. Here are some tips to get your child to read more.

Lead them to the books

child reading

When your child reads a book, they enter a portal of adventure and imagination. Opening up a fresh new book is equivalent to opening your child to a whole new world. But children sometimes feel the inertia to even pick up a book, and as much as we want to develop the habit of reading in our children, it can admittedly be a challenge sometimes.

Here are some tips that may help your child read more books:

1. Let them have a say

How many times have we gone to a bookstore and when our child finally picks something they would like to read, we reply, “pick something else”. It’s an all too common scenario because we’d like our children to have a wide variety of books. However, in saying so, it takes the fun out of reading for your child. If your child is forced to read something that vaguely interests them or does not pique their interest, they tend to see reading as a chore rather than an enjoyable pastime. Letting them have a say in their choices gives them a sense of ownership and joy in making their own decisions.

2. Build conversations

Reading together with your child can be a rewarding experience. However, you don’t always have to do this in the same room. Take an interest in your child’s favourite books and carve out the time to read them either on your own, or snuggled up together with your child. Be a part of your child’s world and create a conversation around those books. That way, you not only get to bond with your child, but also make reading a social activity where you can build connections outside the books.

3. Let them re-read

If your child gravitates to a particular author or book, don’t stop them from re-reading it. While we want our children to experience reading a variety of books, sometimes we can’t help it if our child wants to read the same book 10 times. Begrudging your child for re-visiting their favourite tales and stories can be discouraging to them. Rather, embrace their passion for a particular book. In fact, re-visiting an old book will help them to absorb the language better and attune themselves to the book’s storyline and major ideas.

4. Get a book with a good learning point

children's books

Books can play a huge role in your child’s childhood and it can be a great escape for them. Give them a good book they like and they’re sure to lose themselves on an imaginary adventure, and it’ll be twice the fun if you join in as well. It’s even better if the book contains a good learning point to teach your child important life lessons as well. Bring your child on an adventure through professor Plano’s world in The Plano Adventures! The Plano Adventures is a science-based children’s book series that brings your child on a wondrous journey through Professor Plano’s world with the aim of teaching young readers the importance of taking care of their eyes. You can buy the whole set of 5 books in Singapore at Kinokuniya, Times Bookstores, and at Popular. Alternatively, buy them online on Amazon or on Book Depository.

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