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Can you prevent myopia in your children?

Prevent Myopia Children

Is it true? Can we prevent myopia in children? Short answer; I’m afraid not.

While myopia can’t exactly be prevented, you can adopt some of these tips to help your child keep myopia at bay.

Show them the world

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Our eyes are the window to the world, and for your children, theirs are only just opening. The eyes are the most important conduit to experiencing life around them, but myopia can hinder that experience. In an era where digitization is happening at a rapid rate and crawling into almost all areas of life, their eyes will be exposed to numerous sources of strain and stress.

According to Plano’s latest report, the number of people diagnosed with myopia is increasing exponentially with as many as 80 to 90% of teenagers and young adults in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan afflicted with myopia. Here are some daily habits you can include into your child’s routine to delay the progression of myopia.

Tips to prevent (delay) myopia in your children

1. Go nuts

Almonds, walnuts, cashews, you name it. Eating nuts can benefit your child’s eyes tremendously as they are loaded with vitamin E. As vitamin E behaves as an antioxidant for the body, it promotes good eye health. Pack some nuts into your child’s lunchbox everyday as a snack or maybe enjoy it with a salad. Just incorporating some into your child’s daily routine can go a long way in strengthening their eyes.

2. Get your shine on

The next time family-day comes around, slap on some sunscreen, get out there, and soak up the sun. Too much time indoors doing near-work activities such as reading or writing, or using the phone, can cause blurry vision. Spending at least 2 hours a day outdoors and under the sun can help keep myopia from progressing. It’ll also be a good way to bond with junior. If you’ve exhausted all your local parks and gardens, consider signing your child up for weekly sports lessons such as gymnastics or basketball.

3. Keep your eyes in check

To really know what’s going on with your child’s eyes, attending regular eye check ups at an optometrist will help you gain key insights on your child’s vision health. In fact, regular eye check-ups will help monitor the development of any vision ailments your child may be facing and your doctor will be able to advise you how to professionally take care of it.

See the future with clarity


Our children’s eyes are precious, but also vulnerable; they should not be taken for granted. Managing and developing good eye care habits should start from young as their eyes develop the most during their childhood. However, it can be a handful to constantly look over your child’s shoulder to monitor their eye health. Plano helps your child to develop good eye care habits, and should they need some time away from their phones, Plano offers a variety of enrichment classes to keep them occupied away from the screen. Eye check bookings are also made easier through the app to care for your children’s eyes. Help your child manage their eyesight, prevent myopia, and safeguard their eyes for the future.

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