The Plano Team has published a number of easy-to-understand articles about common eye conditions, including their causes, risk factors, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and the strategies available to treat and manage them. Your journey to achieve your best vision and eye health starts here.


Digital eye strain

Your Kid’s Mobile Activity May Be Causing Eye Fatigue

Do you notice your child constantly rubbing his eyes after …

Can You Prevent Myopia In Your Children?

While myopia can’t exactly be prevented, you can adopt some …
Other child eye conditions

Is Your Child Seeing Right? Prevent Myopia Progression and Other Eye-Related Problems

Your child’s eyes are vulnerable to many ailments and conditions. …

How often should you go for Eye Examinations?

Eye examinations are not just about prescribing spectacles or contact …

Is It Possible To Prevent Myopia From Birth?

“Start them young” they always say, but can you start …
Other child eye conditions

Toddler Eye Problems You May Not Know About

Red, itchy or misaligned eyes are symptoms of a vision …

Why Do We Need To Attend Regular And Timely Comprehensive Eye Checks?

A comprehensive eye check is something that everyone has to …

Myopia: Can You Prevent It In Your Child?

What is myopia? Myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness is a …

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