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Other Child Eye Conditions


Children’s eyes are still developing and may be vulnerable to eye diseases, which may already start developing even before symptoms appear. Therefore, it is important that parents understand the various eye diseases that may affect their loved ones in order to prevent, treat and manage these eye diseases before they get worse. Scroll below to discover easily digestible information about the various eye diseases that may affect children.


Other child eye conditions

Is Your Child Seeing Right? Prevent Myopia Progression and Other Eye-Related Problems

Your child’s eyes are vulnerable to many ailments and conditions. …
Other child eye conditions

Toddler Eye Problems You May Not Know About

Red, itchy or misaligned eyes are symptoms of a vision …
Other child eye conditions

The Heart and The Eyes – They Are More Related Than You Think

The heart is arguably one of the most important organs …
Other child eye conditions

Seeing the light in a teary situation

The importance of tears for eye health In humans, tears …
Other child eye conditions

Why do my eyelids always twitch?

Are those little spasms just annoying or a sign of …
Other child eye conditions

Do you have unequal pupil sizes?

You could be suffering from anisocoria What is anisocoria? Pupils, …
Other child eye conditions

What is colour blindness?

To understand colour blindness, we need to understand colour vision …
Other child eye conditions

Seeing double: how to deal with double vision in children

Double vision, also known as diplopia, can affect your child’s …

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