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Handpicked: 5 Smart Applications for Smart Parenting

This technological era has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of mobile applications – there are an astounding 5.8 million apps in the App Store and Play Store. There is so much use including entertainment, education, services and more. Parenting is no longer exempted from the technological world. There is a wide range of apps that could potentially make parenting smarter and easier. We’ve handpicked the best smart applications for the smart parent.

#1 Baby and Child First Aid

The app developed by British Red Cross offers step-by-step videos, animations, and advice on handling emergencies for your child with first aid. Anything from broken bones, burns or choking.

You can also ask questions, get your doubts clarified and seek advice from experts with the forum on the app. You can record medications, which also comes with a variety of tips and a handy checklist. Another amazing feature of the app is the self-assessment of your skills and learning in the Test Section of the app. Best of all, it’s free.


#2 CDC Milestone Tracker


An important thing for young parents is to be able to follow and track the developmental milestones of their baby. The CDC Milestone Tracker (free) is perfectly suited for babies from two months to 5 years.

All you have to do is add your child by entering their information in the app. You can add details of multiple children. It’s an interactive platform, with an illustrative checklist of significant developmental milestones. When there are developmental concerns, it advises screening tests and meeting a doctor.

#3 plano Parental Control App

blankChildren of this decade remain hooked to the mobile screens, too young to be aware of the detrimental health effects when the screen time goes beyond what’s recommended. Our free parental control app is primarily designed to cultivate healthy smart device habits in children with a broader goal of managing myopia and smartphone addiction.

It sends alerts when your child has crossed limits and has options to exercise parental control when the usage is beyond the set limit. It also monitors the posture of your child, calibrates a healthy face-to-screen distance at every use, filters device-induced blue light, incorporates a reward system that encourages the child to play outdoors and much more to maintain the health of your child’s vision.


#4 Baby Monitor 3G


The Baby Monitor 3G provides a watchful eye over your baby. It’s a godsend for mothers who opt to work, leaving their children to nannies or grandparents. The application transfers the live video feed to your smartphone, even during bedtime and when the lights are switched off during the night. It also has audio enabled, so you can hear their voice and cries. The app functions on both Android and iOS Platforms and works on multiple devices. This way, both parents can keep a watchful eye on their kids at the same time.


#5 News-o-Matic

News-o-Matic, as the name suggests is a news app with hundreds of fresh articles written for kids. The reading level of the articles suits that of a child. This way, kids can get interested in current affairs, sans the technical jargon that usually comes in news articles. The app covers a wide range of topics including sports, science, technology, entertainment and more. What’s more, is that the articles are verified for age-appropriation by a child psychiatrist. By reading, it fuels children’s creativity, technological interest, inculcates reading habit and helps the children stay tuned to the latest updates in the world around.

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