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Illuminating the Need For Good Light to Study Right

Good Light to Study

School is back in session. Which means, studying and reading will occupy most of your child’s time. It is critical that we provide them with good light to study and read.

Shedding some light on the issue.

Besides affecting our vision, light greatly influences our ability to concentrate. Tasks that require peak performance such as studying and writing would require more luminance (lux) than the ordinary overhead room light. According to researchers from Korea, “cool” light emits more lux than “warm” light, and is hence optimal for peak learning performance.

Tips to find the best light for reading and studying.

1. Having a task lamp.

If the overhead room light is too dim, studying or reading for prolonged periods of time would cause pupil dilation and ultimately, eye fatigue. A task lamp, or a desk lamp, beside them would hence help to relieve eye strain while they study.

2. Using overhead lights.

In addition to a task lamp, overhead lights should be switched on too. Relying solely on a task lamp would add too much stress to the eyes and cause discomfort as the eyes would have to adjust to the dimness while concentrating on the task at hand.

3. Investing in a glare-reducing lamp.

Reflective lights can overextend your eyes which can gradually impair your eyesight. Glare-reducing lamps help to minimize the amount of light that reflects off a surfaced material which eases the stress on your eyes. A polarizing task lamp would help reduce these harmful glares.

4. Choosing LED lights.

LED light bulbs minimise ultraviolet rays and do not heat up, making it child-friendly. Moreover, unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights have a longer lifespan and hence, also cheaper. Whether you choose fluorescent or LED lights, both options, however, emit blue light which can lead to eye strain. Therefore, it is essential that your child takes regular eye breaks too.

Don’t be in the dark about eye health.

As schools are beginning to use online platforms to engage with, and even teach students, it is crucial to inculcate good eye-care habits in your children. To better monitor your kids’ smartphone usage, the plano app is an app that encourages healthy device practices. The app has an ambient light detection feature which can detect and remind your kids not to use their device in dim lighting. Download the plano app today to find out more about safeguarding your child’s eyesight.

Tools Designed for Healthier Eyes

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