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Myopia app Works as the Parent’s Private Eye

myopia app

In the battle against myopia, plano is the mobile app here to give parents an edge. Features on the app include helping parents track how children use mobile devices, how long they use the device for, what distance from the eyes they hold their devices among others. Early detection of myopia is also critical and the app helps to screen for the onset of myopia, alerting parents if it detects that the child’s vision has deteriorated and providing reports on the child’s eye health.

Dr. Mo Dirani, plano’s founder and chief executive officer, said: “Early detection and correction is important, as myopia can start to affect children from as young as two to four years old.” and further stating that “the younger the child is, the easier it is to correct his habits and prevent high myopia in the future.”

The app’s development is timely as experts predict that more than half of the world’s population will be myopia by 2050. Associate Professor Audrey Chia, Head and Senior Consultant, Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Department, Singapore National Eye Centre stresses that parents should “limit the time their children spend on handheld devices, discourage long hours of game playing and video watching, remind their children to take eyebreaks, and encourage them to go outdoors and play” – values of which plano were built upon!

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