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Get parenting tips and advice from experts on how to manage device use and eye health in children, and discover exciting eye-health friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Children's eye care

Contact Lenses For Kids: A Go or No-Go?

There will come a time where your kids will ask …
Device management

Quirky Inventions for the Digital-Age Zombies

Zombies are amongst us. And they are tech-savvy (or rather, …
Children's eye care

What is LASIK, and how does it work?

By 2050, half of the world will be myopic. We’re …
Children's eye care

Illuminating the Need For Good Light to Study Right

School is back in session. Which means, studying and reading …
Children's eye care

More Than Just Fashion: Choosing The Best Sunnies For Your Eyes

Picking the right sunglasses for a day out should be …
Children's eye care

Why it’s Important to Get Your Eyes Checked

“Why fix something that isn’t broken?” This popular adage briefly …
Family activities

5 Outdoor Activities to get Children off Smart Devices

Television, computers, tablets, and smartphones today have effectively taken over …
Children's eye care

6 Power foods that are great for your eyes

Maintaining excellent vision is no easy feat – it requires …

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