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Get parenting tips and advice from experts on how to manage device use and eye health in children, and discover exciting eye-health friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Children's eye care

Using education to tackle the global problem of myopia from an early age

More than 2.6 billion people in the world currently suffer …
Device management

Screen time for preschoolers – what does the science say?

Dear parents of preschoolers, whether you like it or not, …
Device management

Starting small: Baby steps to implement a screen time routine in children

Have you ever wanted to implement screen time rules for …
Family activities

Sign up for PlayAtJewel Family Pass and receive over $200 worth of freebies!

Who says family activities have to be expensive overseas trips …
Children's eye care

Tips to promote children’s eye health

Your child’s eyes are delicate and important for their growth …
Family activities

Jewel Changi Airport – An indoor park with lush greenery and natural light

Want to experience an outdoor-like experience at any time of …


Tools Designed for Healthier Eyes

Explore our specifically designed products and services backed by eye health professionals to help keep your children safe online and their eyes healthy.