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Children's eye care

Prepping Your Child For Their First Pair Of Glasses In 5 Easy Steps

Like any of our first times, your child’s first pair …
Children's eye care

What Can I Expect From A Vision Acuity Test (VAT)?

Reading those letters of the charts at the optometrist office …
Children's eye care

Your Child’s Never-Ending Games Are Not Their Life

Games are fun and all, but what happens when they …
Children's eye care

Murky Eyes Mean Trouble, And Not Just In Murktown

When your eyes get murky (blurry), it can mean trouble …
Children's eye care

2020 Is The Year For Clear Vision

This 2020, let’s resolve ourselves to practising the Clear Vision …
Children's eye care

What Ever Happened To Outdoor Fun?

Our screens can never compare to the fun we used …
Children's eye care


How early should kids be going to get their eyes …

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