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Children's eye care

Plano’s Clear Vision Recipe

Myopia, device dependency, gaming addiction, cyberbullying and lack of outdoor …
Children's eye care

The dangers of secondhand smoke to our lungs – and now, our children’s eyes

New research reveals that secondhand smoke threatens the eyes of …
Children's eye care

What air pollution and eye health have in common

SF: Air pollution is dangerous to our lungs – and …
Children's eye care

How are LED lights affecting the health of our eyes?

With a long lifespan, good energy efficiency and a cheap …
Children's eye care

Does your new pair of spectacles give you a headache?

Photo by Isabella and Louisa Fischer on Unsplash Many of …
Children's eye care

Is Vitamin C good for our eyes?

Vitamin C is well-known for the many benefits that it …
Children's eye care

Visual acuity vs eyesight vs vision – what’s the difference?

(Photo by Joao Jesus from Pexels) When you go for …
Children's eye care

Fussy eaters in your family?

Why picky eating can be dangerous for eye health + …

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