Get expert tips on how to manage device use in children so they can be safe and healthy online.


Device management

3 Signs Your Child Is Addicted To Their Screen

We all want our kids to grow up healthy and …
Device management

Toss The Phones Before Bedtime For Better Sleep

Having a good night’s rest is sure to guarantee an …
Device management

How To Stop Your Child From Using Their Phones At Night

Ever caught your child using their phones in bed after …
Device management

Here’s How To Manage Your Kids’ Media Consumption

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Device management

4 ways to ease your child into school reopening

Schools are starting to reopen and starting a new school …
Device management

3 Ways to Balance your Child’s Home-Based-Learning (HBL) and Screen Time

These days, back to school means Home-based-learning (HBL). For parents, …

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