Get expert tips on how to manage device use in children so they can be safe and healthy online.


Device management

Protecting Your Child: Cyberbullying Edition

Anonymous and omnipresent. Gone are the days when you could …
Device management

Quick wins for reducing your child’s screen time – Get involved in the process!

Television, smartphones, the internet, and video games serve as the …
Device management

Kid Phones: 3 Things to Look Out for when Choosing a Device for Your Kids

The dreaded time has come – your children are starting …
Device management

Handpicked: 5 Smart Applications for Smart Parenting

This technological era has witnessed a tremendous increase in the …
Device management

How to cultivate healthy smart device behaviour in your children

In this digital age, children explore smart devices right from …
Device management

Is Your Child’s Screen Time A Source of Your Parenting Anxiety?

Sometimes we look at our children like they’re digital prisoners …
Device management

Why You Shouldn’t Block Apps On Your Child’s Phone

There are various apps out there that capture our child’s …

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