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Device management

When iPhone Monitoring Becomes Helicopter Parenting

We parents always want to keep an eye on our …
Device management

When You Can’t Block Any More Apps, Do This Instead

Our tech-savvy children can manoeuvre around our attempts at blocking …
Device management

What Happens When Your Kid’s Smartphone Addiction Causes Friction

If you’ve tried to pry the phone away from your …
Device management

The Tech-Effective Parenting Tool: Parent Apps

‘Digital’ has become all the rage nowadays. The buzz around …
Device management

Is The Block Apps Feature More Of A Bane Than Boon?

It all boils down to whether children view app blockers …
Device management

Try Not To Tip The Scale When You Monitor Your Kids’ Activity

The ongoing controversy over keeping an eye on your child’s …
Device management

Are Parent Apps the Solution in this Digital Age?

What is the secret to parenting success? Controlled parenting, also …
Device management

How To Block Apps Without Getting A Tantrum In Return

As best highlighted by Tim Cook’s recent advice, developing digital …

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