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Device management

Guilty Of Bribing Your Child With Screen Time? Here Are 3 Things You Should Do Instead

Nowadays, kids are all about the screens and we’ve probably …
Device management

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Parenting App to Manage your Kids’ Screen Time

Parenting is crazy roller-coaster ride. And now with the series …
Device management

What Is TikTok And Should I Be Afraid?

That one app that’s been occupying all our children’s time …
Device management

4 Simple Steps to Choose the Best Online Content for your Kids

With so much media content tailored for kids these days, …
Device management

Curb Your Child’s Device Dependency With Positive Reinforcement

In today’s digital age, parenting feels harder than ever. We …
Device management

Stressed About Your Child’s Screen Time? Here’s A Solution For You

Whether it’s a tablet or a phone, your child probably …
Device management

Screen Time Post-Lockdown: 3 Easy Steps You Can Take To Manage It

We’ve seen and even experienced the vast increase in screen …
Device management

This is how every Parent can Set Parental Controls on Android Phones

For many parents, managing their children’s screen time is a …

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