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Device management

5 Habits That Threaten Your Child’s Online Safety

The ease of using devices has brought about some bad …
Device management

Should I Spy on My Child’s Online Activity?

These days, the age at which our children are starting …
Device management

Is Your Child A Victim Of Cyberbullying?

In this digital age, our children are probably exposed to …
Device management

Cutting Screen Time From Family Meal Times

We all love a good hearty meal, and even more …
Device management

Can Mobile Apps Tackle Kids’ Smartphone Addiction?

Trying to separate kids from their smartphones and tablets is …
Device management

Should we ban our children from using smartphones?

“Should we ban our children from using smartphones?” It is …
Device management

How to Deal with your Child’s Excessive Screen Time during COVID-19

As the world assimilates to the new normal – work-from-home …

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