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It Is Better to Be Safe Than Sorry: Protecting Your Child’s Eyes at Home


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Children are very active by nature. They are constantly running around (or crawling) into all the little nooks and crannies, even at home. Homes are a much safer playing area for your kids than the great wild outdoors, but does it mean that they are completely injury-free if they’re at home?

Did you know that the set-up of your home and certain objects in your house could actually harm your child’s eyes? According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, thousands of children sustain eye injuries or even blindness from getting into accidents at home each year.

As parents, it is your duty to protect your children from danger, and that includes protecting their eyes as well. If you are wondering about how you can ensure the safety of your child’s eyes at home, fret not! The Pediatric Eye Care of Maryland has put together some simple eye safety tips that you are highly encouraged to follow to protect your child’s eyes at home.

Eye Safety Tips to Protect Your Child at Home

Keep Harmful Chemicals Away from Your Child

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Chemical cleaning products such as liquid detergents are usually stored in the kitchen and bathroom. It is important that these products are kept out of your children’s reach as they could hurt your child should these harmful chemicals come into contact with their eyes.

Instead of the usual storage places, try placing them in a high cupboard where your children can’t access yet. A little inconvenience when it comes to accessibility is better than potentially hurting your little one’s precious eyes.

Hide Sharp Objects That Could Hurt Your Child’s Eyes

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At home, there are hardware items like nails, hammers and pointed objects like knives and forks. For your children’s eye safety, make sure that they do not have access to these sharp objects by keeping them locked away.

When you are handling power tools, it is vital to ensure that your children are far away from the work area in order to protect their eyes from any possible physical injury.

Protect Your Children’s Eyes with Eye Gear

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As a parent, it is essential that you become good role models for your children. Even if you think it is unnecessary, when you are working with power tools, it is a good idea to wear eye protection so that your children will understand the importance of protecting their eyes through wearing the proper gear. It has even been reported that more than 90% of eye injuries can be prevented by wearing the suitable protective eye gear.

Also, when they are playing outside or engaging in any type of contact sports, it is important that they are wearing the proper eye gear to protect their eyes from potentially harmful injuries.


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