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Get parenting tips and advice from experts on how to manage device use and eye health in children, and discover exciting eye-health friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Device management

Screaming For The Screen: Dealing With Your Child’s Phone Addiction

Limiting your child’s screen time can quickly turn into a …
Family activities

Be A Part of Your Child’s Childhood, Not Apart From It

Your children only have one childhood, be a part of …
Device management

Don’t Sleep On The Importance of Sleep For Your Children

When pulling your child out of bed every morning seems …
Family activities

Bonding With Your Child: Is The Phone Getting In The Way?

The weekend is on the horizon, which means precious family …
Family activities

Unplug Your Screen-Glued Child With These Activities

If you feel that your kids are addicted to their …
Family activities

Don’t Let Screen Time Replace Play Time

With new phone games grabbing our children’s attention every day, …
Device management

Let Your Child Be Bored To Reduce Screen Time

To curb your child’s boredom, often times, we end up …
Device management

Fighting Fire With Fire: Parental Control Applications

The Blue Whale challenge, the Cinnamon challenge, the Five Finger …

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