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Top 3 Suggestions for Fun Activities With Your Kids This Year-End Holidays!


The December school holidays are upon us and parents are always on the lookout for something fun and meaningful to experience with their children. The parents among our Plano team have suggested some exciting ideas for a fun-filled holiday that is not only kid- and family-friendly, but also adhere to all relevant COVID-19 healthcare precautions.

Go Outdoors!

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the seemingly never-ending circuit-breakers, both parents and children have been faced with new challenges in 2020. One of the most obvious consequences of being stuck indoors has been the significant rise in screen time. Whether on laptops, tablets, smartphones or desktop computers, you and your kids have probably been glued to your screens all year. And obviously, the requirement for home-based work or learning has not helped this problem.

In fact, our research has shown an increase in screen time of almost 20% for both children and adults in Singapore during the pandemic.

The excessive use of digital devices is a risk factor of myopia and other health issues, and eye health experts recommend spending at least two hours a day outdoors and away from screens in order to protect against myopia. This recommendation aims to give eyes a break from focusing too long on near objects.

So, make sure you plan for as many outdoor activities with your kids as possible! Our top suggestion is to go for long walks at your nearest park. Walking is great because it’s easy, gets everyone out of the house and gets their heart rate going.

Stick to Device-Free Activities

Real-life social interactions and play perform vital roles in a child’s cognitive development and learning. Make it a point to engage your children regularly to encourage their holistic growth during their early years.

While technology is undeniably helpful and has a place in our lives, as with anything else in life, balance is always key. With more downtime in December, it’s time to dial back on the device use, and open up all those books, board games and toys that have been locked away. It’s a perfect way to bond and pass the time with your little ones on those rainy days in Monsoon season when you can’t get outdoors. Need more creative ideas? Fret not! We have also provided a list of fun, device-free indoor activities that can be easily done at home.

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