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Endophthalmitis - Written by Alexandre Lachance, MD-MSc candidate in supervision by Dr Ali Dirani, MD, MSc, MPH. What is endophthalmitis? Endophthalmitis is an inflammation of the tissue and/or the fluids inside the eye. It is a medical emergency that needs to be assessed by an ophthalmologist (medical doctor trained in...


Keratoconus - Written by Dr. Srujana Sahebjada, BS Optom, Ph.D., GCALL. What is keratoconus? The cornea acts like the "windshield" for your eye and looks like a dome-shaped window. It helps to focus light on the back of your eye, allowing you to see clearly. Collagen helps to hold your...


Cataract - Written by Purrven Bajjaj, B Optom, MSc Clinical Optom. What is a cataract? A cataract occurs when an opaque or cloudy area develops in the normally clear lens (responsible for the focusing mechanism) of the eye. This cloudy area scatters and blocks the light as it passes through...

Macular Hole

Macular hole - Written by ​​Dr. Stacy Chan Hsiao Lan, Bachelor of Optometry (N.Z), Doctorate in Optometry (U.K) What is a macular hole? The macula is an area within the retina (a thin transparent, light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye) that is responsible for sharp, central and...

Choroidal Melanoma

Choroidal melanoma - Written by Dr. Lily Rolfe, BSc, MD and Dr. Roderick O'Day, LLB (Hons), BSc, MBBS (Hons), FRANZCO. What is choroidal melanoma? Choroidal melanoma is a rare type of cancer that develops within the eye. Melanomas may occur at many sites of the body, including the uveal tract...


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