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Screen time for kids: how much is too much?


Do you know how much screen time your little one is getting every day?

Read on to find out if you are allowing device usage for your kids within the healthy limits and if not, what you can do.

Some parents treat digital devices almost as pacifiers. After all, they help distract our children, hold their attention and buy us a few precious minutes to get some errands done. But be careful, too much screen time at such a young age is unhealthy, and can lead to a whole range of issues and health problems

Much like how parenting can be like walking a tightrope, it is essential to balance the amount of screen time your child is getting with other forms of engagement. Just how much is too much screen time for your little ones?

What exactly is screen time?
Screen time encompasses the time spent using devices with screens, such as phones, tablets, computers, and even TVs.

For parents who only monitor the amount of time their children spend using their phones or tablets, that is not enough. Asking your child to turn off their tablet, and letting them watch a cartoon on the TV does not decrease the amount of screen time they are exposed to daily, and actually contributes to a higher overall screen time.

If you are wondering how much screen time is healthy for your kids, good news!

The World Health Organisation has set some recommended daily screen times by age that parents should adhere to, as summarised here:

Kids < 1 year old: No screen time Kids aged 1-5 years old: 1 hour Kids aged > 5 years old: 2 hours

These screen time limits should not feel like a ban on using digital devices. They are simply meant to be a guide for parents to ensure that your kids are able to enjoy a bunch of different engaging activities, both on and off screens.

What should you do?

It might be hard to tear your child away from their digital devices if they are already using them frequently. Here is where screen time apps, like planoApp, can help you out – you can schedule device-free timings or even remotely lock your child’s device!

Remember, monitoring your child’s screen time doesn’t have to be a herculean task. It may seem counter-intuitive or even ironic, but technology is not the villain – you simply have to use technology to your advantage.


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