The Heart and The Eyes - They Are More Related Thank You Think

The heart and the eyes – They are more related than you think

the eyes and the heart

The heart is arguably one of the most important organs in the body. They have many functions like making sure that blood is being pumped to the rest of the body, ensuring that there is sufficient oxygen being transported to the vital body parts – basically keeping the human body alive and breathing. However, did you know that the health of the heart is associated with the health of the eyes? Objectively looking at the human body, it may appear as if these body parts do not affect each other. However, they are more closely linked than they appear to be.

Getting to the heart of the situation

A healthy heart bodes a pair of healthy eyes. A recent study conducted in 2020 revealed that when people’s hearts were in good physical condition, they would be less likely to suffer from eye diseases, especially diabetic retinopathy.

The association between ocular and cardiovascular health lies in the determinants of good cardiovascular health. Some of the factors that contribute to the maintenance of a healthy heart comprise certain healthy lifestyle behaviours, such as not smoking, having a clean diet, and controlling your blood pressure. Research has shown that when we practice these healthy lifestyle behaviours, it not only contributes to a healthy heart but decreases our chances of suffering from eye diseases as well.

Detecting hypertension from the eyes 

detect hypertension from the eyes

Hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure, poses a risk factor for many diseases as it causes a change in the anatomy of our blood vessels, but that’s not all. Did you know that changes in our blood pressure levels can be seen in the retina of our eyes? In the retina, blood vessels are prominently observable, and changes linked to hypertension can be sighted and then classified as hypertensive retinopathy. Hypertensive retinopathy, to an ophthalmologist or optometrist, is an indicative signal to them that there could be something wrong with your blood vessels in another part of your body.

Smoking may also affect the eyes

smoking affects the eyes

When you buy a pack of cigarettes, the cover of the box usually shows a graphic image of your heart, lungs, or liver. However, other than increasing the risk of having heart diseases, smoking may actually affect the health of your eyes as well. A number of studies have investigated the association between smoking and dry eyes in the general population, finding that smoking may be positively associated with an increased risk of having dry eyes. This association may be caused by toxins found in cigarette smoke that reduce tear production and decreases the sensitivity of the cornea.

Eat your way to a healthier pair of eyes


As the saying goes, you are what you eat. What you choose to put inside your body will reflect in the outward condition of your eyes. For instance, when we adopt a high-fat diet, we are more likely to become obese, therefore increasing the likelihood of getting heart-related problems. Obesity may also increase the possibility of developing eye diseases, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, all of which may lead to blindness.

We have to try to include foods that are high in vitamins and antioxidants in our diet. Having a clean, healthy diet not only helps us to achieve our ideal figure but also a healthy heart and pair of eyes.

It should be clear now that the factors that contribute to a healthy heart may promote healthy eyes as well. We must understand that every organ in the body is linked and is important in contributing towards a healthy you. We need to treat the different body parts with tender, loving care so that we are able to live a carefree, disease-free life.

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