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Unplug your screen-glued child with these activities

If you feel that your children are addicted to their smartphones, don’t worry, you are not alone.


Growing up digital

In 2018, a survey indicated that 47% of parents feel that their children are addicted to their mobile devices. With technology advancing, it is not a surprise that kids are being drawn into the digital world quickly.

We know that it is tricky to come up with engaging ways to connect with your kids without smart devices, so read on to find out some activities you can put in your daily lives when planning a special day with your child!

Bring them out!

Spending time outside is shown to reduce anxiety levels and reduce the risks of mental illness. Sunlight also provides essential Vitamin D, is good for the eye and is also known to improve mood overall!


1. Take a trip to parks or playgrounds


Remember the days where you would play at the playground in the park and have fun over the swings and slides? Recreate this memory with your children!

As much as going to the parks and playgrounds may be a cliche idea, your children can also interact with other children there and this will help with their social interaction skills. Going to the playground also entails many other benefits such as helping your child be more physically fit and healthy as well as increase develop their self-confidence and self-esteem as they overcome challenges such as Monkey Bars.

2. Bring them out for picnic dates


Perhaps you can plan a picnic where you can have activities like flying a kite or kicking a soccer ball around! There are also a bunch of picnic games to play, such as The Ring Toss Game and Picnic Bowling to make things more interesting.
Make this picnic date a monthly tradition for your family and it’ll help build a set of values that your children can apply throughout their lives.


Prefer staying home? Check these out instead!

There are days where going out would seem like too much of a chore. But this doesn’t mean you have to let your children be entertained by their phones!

1. Get competitive over puzzles and board games


Bring in puzzles and board games and spend some quality time with your children playing them! Board games encourages face-to-face interaction that will build a sense of connection. Additionally, when you play and laugh together, endorphins are released – fostering trust and empathy, in turn strengthening the family bonds. You can even start a tradition and make a weekly “Board Game Night” to encourage quality family time.


2. Face off with a Cook Off!

Even when you are busy, you should never skip your meals. What better way to prepare meals than doing it with your family? Cooking has its magical way of bringing a family together as you share your day while making your dishes. Children can also learn various soft skills like communication skills and collaboration, as well as pick up some practical cooking skills! Want to spice things up a bit? Consider having a friendly cook off within your family – the tastier dish can skip washing the dishes!


Unplugging for your children

Parents play an important role in helping children get away from the lure of digital devices. As parents, you can also be the greatest advocate for a device-free lifestyle – keep your phones away during these activities and be a role model for your children!

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