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Your child’s mobile activity may be causing eye fatigue

Kid's eye fatigue

Do you notice your child constantly rubbing his eyes after using his phone? He may be suffering from dry, tired eyes, also known as eye fatigue.

Does screen time cause tired eyes?

Growing up in a smartphone-era is tiring, especially for the eyes. When your child stares at a digital device for long periods of time, they might feel an itchy, sometimes burning sensation in their eyes, also known as Digital Eye Strain. Dry, tired eyes is also caused when your child uses a device in a dim space.

Preventing eye fatigue

Solutions to eye fatigue are however, very simple. This begins with cultivating good eye care habits. Start by implementing the 20-20-20 rule; this means that for every 20 minutes your child spends on their smartphones, remind them to look at an object 20 feet away (about 6 metres) for about 20 seconds. The rule serves as a reminder to your child to take periodic eye breaks which help to rest the eyes.

Your child’s work environment is also integral in preventing eye fatigue. A dim work environment can overwork your child’s eyes, cause their eyes to feel more fatigued than usual, and gradually impair their vision. Investing in better lighting can help to reduce eye fatigue, and prevent the onset of eye health problems such as myopia.

Most importantly, the distance between your child’s eyes and their device can play a huge role in countering eye fatigue. Try teaching your child to hold their phones at least 30 centimetres away from their eyes. Holding a smartphone farther away may feel uncomfortable initially, but nurturing this habit can prove beneficial in the long run as your child’s eyes will feel less tense and tired.


As parents, it can be demanding to juggle so many tasks at once, and constantly monitoring your child’s screen time and their device-use can be a challenge. Parental control applications can lend a helping hand to support your child’s phone usage and encourage healthy eye habits.

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