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How to block apps without getting a tantrum in return

How to block apps without getting a tantrum in return

As best highlighted by Tim Cook’s recent advice, developing digital literacy is crucial for our children in this day and age. At the same time, the dangers of child Internet usecyberbullying, screen addiction, and online predators – remain real and concerning (1, 2). Combined with what we know about excessive device use and myopia from our plano reports, blocking potentially dangerous and time-consuming apps seems to be the best way to protect our children.

Yet, like taking away anything pleasurable in our own lives, blocking apps can prompt tantrums and strain the relationships we have with our children. Here are some steps you can take to alleviate such tensions in your parenting journey to promote healthy smart device use.

Have a prior conversation

No one likes to have things they enjoy suddenly taken away. Communicate with your child why you are blocking apps before doing so, and express your well-meaning intentions.

Depending on their age, it is perhaps better to let children know and identify risks rather than be susceptible to them as a result of a lack of knowledge. Ignorance is no longer bliss in this digital era. Having yourself as the source of information, rather than your child’s self-searched Internet results, can also allow greater control of what is being communicated to them.

Give your child a say


Empowerment is powerful in altering your child’s attitude towards a negative action such as blocking apps. When informing them about your decision, allow your child to have a say in what goes into it: Can your child use the app on weekends, or maybe after their homework has been completed? Another concession is to allow for app usage only when your child uses it alongside you. If you are blocking an app hoping to curb a growing addiction, it is also empathetic to understand that addiction cannot be stopped overnight.

However, be clear and firm with the agreed boundaries and consequences that are established at this point in time. This can diminish later conflict should your child, for instance, figure out your password restrictions or find a third-party software to bypass the app block.

Distract them from their device

Lead by example. You being constantly on your device, especially if using the blocked app yourself in front of your child, can spur their desire to throw tantrums to do the same.


Bringing children outside to engage in device-free outdoor activities is extremely valuable. There are a plethora of activities out there, such as going to the library, the museum, and even spending time with family, all of which can increase creativity and socialization skills. The planoShop also offers a variety of other engaging activities that can be requested by your child using their plano points when they engage in device safe habits using the planoApp parental control app.

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