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Children’s Eye Care

Looking for well-researched material on eye care for your kids?

Hoping for some informative material to motivate your teenager to practise good eye care habits?

Or, just simply looking out for authoritative parenting and lifestyle tips?

Well, look no further than Plano, where we have successfully researched and curated an assortment of useful science-based materials to help you be a better parent and to care for your children’s eyes and vision! Let us explore some of the categories that you can explore on Plano’s site below.

#1:  Importance Of Regular Eye Checks And What To Expect

Detecting eye problems like myopia early on can better equip you and your children to tackle these problems before they escalate. On the Plano eye care page for your children, check out the importance of going for regular eye checks in order to monitor your children’s vision and overall eye health, even when their eyesight appears to be fine. Learn what actually goes on during a visual acuity test (VAT) to better prepare your children before the actual test. Hear first-hand anecdotes from optometrist-parents like this lady on the most pressing eye issues surrounding children nowadays and why regular eye checkups are key to protecting your children’s health. Problems related to your children’s vision can be avoided if you educate your children on eye care and teach them to detect abnormalities or symptoms of possible eye conditions. Good eye care behaviours would better ensure that your children lead a healthy lifestyle with a good vision for life.

#2: Parenting and Lifestyle Tips for Children’s Eye Care

Look forward to tried and tested parenting tips such as instilling in your children a love for the outdoors instead of letting them play video games all day. Research has proven that spending around 2 hours daily outdoors can help protect your children’s eyesight. Enabling your children to run about is a great way to keep your children active and take care of their eyes. It would be risky to your child’s health if your child spends the entire day sitting on the couch glued to digital screens. Having lots of time outdoors is therefore vital in protecting your child from some major health issues. See how healthy eating has a direct correlation with good eye health, and how you can motivate your children to eat more healthily even if they are picky eaters.  Also, learn about how your own lifestyle may perhaps have a negative impact on your children’s eyes, such as when you are a smoker.

#3: Myopia Prevention and Management

The global problem of increasing myopia rates among children, with a high density of affected children in Singapore, certainly cannot be ignored.

Concerned about your children’s eye health? Hope to take care of your children’s eyes?  Want to learn useful science-based tips on preventing myopia or slowing its development? Well, on the Plano’s eye care page for children, learn how you can protect your children’s eye health from infancy, how education can mitigate myopia from an early age in children as well as how good quality light can positively influence your child’s vision when studying or reading.

Besides trying to prevent myopia in your children, help your children who may be already diagnosed with myopia to prepare for wearing glasses and care for their glasses and eyes. If your children want to try contact lenses, consider some factors before you give the go-ahead.

Encourage your children to go for regular eye checkups and start by registering an appointment with PlanoEyecheck now.

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