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What is a comprehensive eye check?

A comprehensive eye check includes:

  1. Eye and general health history taking
  2. Vision and refraction tests
  3. Measurement of eye pressure
  4. Examination of the front structures of your eye
  5. Assessment of the health of the retina

*May also include additional tests or scans deemed necessary by your eye care professional.

Why is a comprehensive eye check important?

  1. Assists in providing an overview of your general health
  2. Allows for prevention, early detection, and management of vision and/or eye problems
  3. Reduces your risk of avoidable vision loss or blindness
  4. Reduces future eye health costs associated with significant vision loss

What is a vision screening?

A vision screening is a quick way to determine one’s vision using a standardized visual acuity chart. These screenings may be seen in schools, community centers, and aged-care homes. They are a good starting point to understand one’s eye health but are not intended to replace a comprehensive eye check administered by eye care professionals.

Types of eye checks

Child Eye Care

Depending on the age of your child, a child eye check-up may include:

  • Vision test with vision charts catered to the child’s age (e.g. pictures/alphabet matching)
  • Evaluation of eye movements
  • Eye alignment tests
  • Depth perception tests

Adult Eye Care

An adult eye check includes vision and refraction tests, measurement of eye pressure, eye health assessment of the front and back portion of your eye, and additional tests or scans deemed necessary by your eye care professional.

Myopia Control

Myopia control is a form of myopia management to slow the progression of myopia in children and reduce the risk of developing high myopia. There are several types of myopia control that include special types of glasses, contact lenses, and eye drops. Your eye care professional may also advise lifestyle changes, such as reduced device screen time and increased outdoor time to control myopia. The effectiveness of these interventions is monitored over time.

Contact lens services

Contact lens services consists of three parts. First, necessary vision and eye tests are conducted. Second, the most suitable contact lens is then selected and fitted based on your individual results. Third, education on contact lens wear and care are provided.

Dry eyes management

Your optometrists will look at the health of the surface of your eye and will ask you questions about your health, medication use and lifestyle to determine the likely cause and best management plan for your dry eyes.

Sports vision assessment

Your eye care professional will help you find the best vision solution if you play sports such as sports glasses, contact lenses and more.

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