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What we do

We are adept at analyzing business practices and providing advisory support, amongst other consultancy services. Aligned with reputable international research institutes and global industry stakeholders, we have established a holistic ecosystem comprising millions of data points and hundreds of thousands of consumers.


Our mission

Founded upon our diverse backgrounds and professional expertise, we want our clients to achieve a competitive advantage by empowering them with data-driven decisions and evidence-based recommendations.

We take pride in executing and delivering precisely what our clients want by critically understanding their needs and how best to meet them.

We believe in building long-term relationships to continually understand the evolving needs of our clients by working closely and maintaining regular communication with them.

Our team

Our consultants are carefully selected from a pool of talented individuals, who have had extensive professional work experience at prestigious organizations around the world. Our team is specialized in a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from business administration to engineering and comprises experts in leading topics such as medical and health services research, epidemiology, data analytics and market research.


Assoc. Prof. Mo Dirani

Managing Director


Prof. Wong Tien Yin

Chairman, Science & Innovation Advisory


Prof. Jonathan Crowston

Board Director


Dr. Joshua Foreman

Head of Research


Arief Salim

Senior Research Scientist


Dwight Fonseka

Head of Analytics

Why choose us?

  • 1 We listen to the needs and challenges of all stakeholders.
  • 2 We analyse all types of data completely and accurately.
  • 3 We establish goals and objectives that address on the defined problems.
  • 4 We deliver outputs that meet project objectives.


Market intelligence


Global Market Insights

Investigate a broader perspective of economic, political, and social forces and develop insights that are directly transferable to achieving clients’ needs.

Traditional research


Scientific Study Design Development

Develop rigorous, comprehensive plans and methodologies that address key research objectives and execute projects to completion.

Data Analytics


Strategic Data Management

Pave the way for clients to manage their data effectively and efficiently to attain their strategic goals.


Competitor and Consumer Profiling

Extrapolate trends from the clients’ competitive and consumer environments, determine clients’ market positions and develop evidence-based strategies for growth.


Health Policy and Framework Development

Improve health policy implementation by identifying critical gaps for achieving successful reforms in health promotion and public health.


Predictive Analytics and AI

Using advanced algorithms and modelling techniques, deeper insights are derived to improve business operations, decisions, and performance.



Business Services


Healthcare Systems & Services


Public Sector and Policy


Life Sciences



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