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Myopia (short-sightedness), gaming addiction, device dependency and lack of outdoor activity are public health concerns worldwide. Stories from The Plano Adventures book series are based on years of scientific research, written specially to empower young readers to understand and tackle these adverse effects of excessive device use.

Trouble in Murktown

Lord Myopic is determined to cover Murktown in a fog and take control of its people. Only Professor Plano knows how to defeat him! He is on his way to pick up his Clear Vision potion when he ends up in the backyard of a certain pair of twins! Little does he know, this is the exact place he needs to be to succeed.

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The Ray Keepers

On their way to Rainbow’s Edge to seek the help of the Ray Keepers, Professor Plano, Zed and Zee meet a flight of sickly dragons. They are all caught up using their Bottle-Bottle screens that give off a strange, eerie glow. Lord Myopic must be up to no good again! The trio rush find the Ray Keepers to save the dragons, but are they too late?

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The Never-Ending Game

Something is very wrong in Nettown. The playgrounds are empty and there is no one in sight. Warned by the blazing red glow on his Orb, Professor Plano investigates with Zed and Zee. They find that Lord Myopic has created a massive game that every kid on the block keeps playing and playing…and playing. One of the twins gets caught up in this web! What will they do?

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Attack of the Cybugs

The Wood Wide Web is a ghost town. No one goes out or talks to each other, and the children hide in their tree houses all day long. Professor Plano, Zed and Zee get there to find that cybugs have infested the town. They bully with their words, send nasty emails and go after the children for using the Clear Vision Recipe. Lord Myopic must be behind this! The trio needs to hurry to help their friends, but how?

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Out of Order

Professor Plano, Zed and Zee are hot on Lord Myopic’s trail! They have arrived in Lord Myopic’s dreamworld, a place where everything is run by robots and people talk to each other only on their devices. Until . . . the machines go on strike —devices need a break too! The people are lost, and Prof Plano and the boys have to figure out how to help them get out of this tangle.

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The Creative Minds Behind This Series

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At age 26, Mo Dirani completed his PhD with the world’s largest twin study on genetic and environmental risk factors of myopia. In 2009, he led the most cited scientific study on myopia in Singapore. These and other research findings form the basis of scientific recommendations embedded within The Plano Adventures.

Hwee Goh was a MediaCorp scholar and spent 16 years in Channel NewsAsia. The avid reader and communications specialist has also published bestselling non-fiction books for children. She’s also followed by likeminded parents on @hweezbooks.

David Liew is the prolific artist behind many of Singapore’s bestselling book series. Besides The Plano Adventures, he’s well known as the illustrator behind the Ellie Belly and Squirky the Alien series. He’s also published Nightmare on Eat Street, a quirky Gaiman-esque book ostensibly for children but really for adults. David also teaches and is sought after as a graphic recorder.z