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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs how Plano Pte Ltd., the operator of the Plano website and/or application for mobile (“Plano”, the “Site”, the “Application”), collect, receive, use, store and disclose Personal Information (defined below) about the user and their children in connection with the use of the Site and/or the Application.

Plano provides its services, as detailed in the Terms and Conditions of the Site (“Plano’s Services”), subject to the Privacy Policy set forth below. Plano’s Services include and are aimed to ensure safe and healthy smart device use in children, to assist parents to manage children’s time on smart devices, to control when and where children are, to manage the content children view and interact with on their smart devices, to keep the children’s eyes at a good distance and angle from their smart device and to monitor children progress and provide feedback to parents and the medical community. Plano intends to use the Personal information for the purposes of bettering the Services, through analysis of the Plano Services. Plano intends to further use the Personal Information after it was anonymized for medical, historical, statistical, analytical, research, purposes.

By accessing, browsing, or otherwise using Plano, including but not limited to information, communications, links, software, subscription services, products (provided by Plano or others) and any and all other services that may be added, linked to, sponsored, or provided from time to time, provided through Plano or by other means, the user agrees to the Privacy Policy. However, agreeing to these terms and conditions are in no way a condition to receiving the Plano Services. KINDLY READ THIS PRIVACY POLICY CAREFULLY.

1. Plano implemented this Privacy Policy because user privacy is important to us. This Privacy Policy explains Plano’s online information practices and assists the user in making informed decisions when using Plano’s Services.

2. “Personal Information” means Personal Data as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act 2021 of Singapore, which is to say any data about an individual who can be identified from that data, or from that data together with other information which Plano has access, including any and all information provided by the user, regardless of the user’s location, in connection of Plano’s Services with respect to the user and his/her children.

3. The accuracy and completeness of the Personal Information is wholly dependent on the information provided by the user. The user may at any time request Plano to provide them access to the Personal Information collected with respect to said user until such time and change or delete information, unless otherwise precluded by law. Plano is designed to be used by children with the direct and continuous supervision of their parents/guardians/legally supervising adults.

4. Plano does not knowingly allow any person under the age of 18 to register or use the Application. Plano does not knowingly collect any Personal Information about persons under the age of 18 without their parents/guardians/legally supervising adults’ consent.

5. This Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Plano.

6. Except as noted below in this Privacy Policy, Plano is committed to make legitimate and reasonable use of the Personal Information for the purpose of providing Plano’s Services, and for the purpose of advancing the field of eye health, and not to make any misuse of the Personal Information without the user consent, unless permitted or required by law in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore, or in order to prevent abuse.

7. Plano shall protect the Personal Information by making reasonable security arrangements to prevent unauthorized access, “hacks”, collection, use, disclosure or other similar risks, by implementing technological safeguards and policies, which will be updated as appropriate.

7.1 Access to the user accounts will be password protected. The user must properly log-off from the account and close the browser in order to maintain the protection. It is the user’s responsibility to safe-guard the password. The user agrees not to hold Plano responsible for any damage or losses caused due to failure to comply with the above.

7.2 All the information collected may be accessed only by Plano authorized employees.

8. Plano reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Such change will be effective ten (10) days following posting of the revised Privacy Policy on the Site, and the user’s continued use of Plano’s Services thereafter means that the user accepts and agrees to those changes.

9. Any questions, comments or claims with respect to this Privacy Policy may be directed to the Privacy Compliance Officer of Plano Pte Ltd. that licenses the Service, located at 72 Anson Road, Anson House, #12-06, Singapore 079911,

10. The user acknowledges and agrees that all information provided to Plano or information arising from his, or his children’s activities on the Site and/or Application or information collected on the user, and his children, while browsing the Site or using the Application, will be stored in the databases of Plano, powered by Amazon Web Services. Without any limitation, the stored Personal Information, can be transmitted as may be required, between various companies held by Plano and/or by companies holding Plano.

11. The user may at any time update the Personal Information on the Site by accessing the user account and/or contact the Privacy Compliance Officer referenced in section 8 above.

12. The user may at any time withdraw their consent to the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Information by giving reasonable notice to Plano.

13. Upon receipt of the user’s notice of withdrawal of consent, or by any other case of termination of Plano’s Services, Plano will cease collection and/or using Personal Information of the user, unless otherwise required or authorized by law.

14. By registering to Plano’s Services and/or by providing an email address the user agrees, to receive advertisements, including offers to buy or for services or mailing advertising of any kind and/or system messages and/or messages services and etc from Plano. The user may withdraw such consent at any time here

15. The user may at any time request to be removed from any mailing list, including by clicking on the remove bottom link of each email message sent by Plano.

16. The user undertakes to save the user name and password confidential. Username and personal password are intended for personal use only. Plano shall not be liable for any invasion of privacy or any other harm caused by the use of unauthorized username and personal password.

17. The user hereby confirms that it is aware and consents to Plano transferring their Personal Information to vendors and third parties, where necessary, including but not limited to the following:

17.1 The supply of Plano Services;

17.2 For the improving and offering of related products and services or others;

17.3 For the provision of notifications and/or providers of products and/or similar third party services providers; and

17.4 For the provision of products or services ordered on the Site and/or Application such as making an online booking with a vendor and/or a third party.

18. The user herby confirms that it is aware and consents to the transfer of the Personal Information to specific third parties, which may be located outside of Singapore as part of Plano’s Services. These third parties will not use the Personal Information for any other purposes than what Plano has agreed with the user for the provision of Plano’s Services except with the prior written consent of the user. Plano requests those third parties to implement adequate levels of protection in order to safeguard Personal Information. Plano respects the user’s, and his children’s, Personal Information and therefore, Plano will take steps to ensure that the user, and his children, privacy rights continue to be protected if Plano transfers information outside of Singapore in this way. Similarly, if the user uses Plano’s Services while outside of Singapore, the information may be transferred outside Singapore in order to provide the user with those services.

19. Plano will be allowed to use the Personal Information the user had provided in the provision of the Plano Services, in responding to user queries, as statistical information for analysis and for other sources, including for the purposes of examining the manner of use of Plano’s Services, buying habits segmentation, generic segmentation etc. all with the aim of improving Plano’s Services.

20. Plano will be allowed to use the Personal Information the user had provided for medical, historical, statistical, analytical, research, purposes or provide such information to third parties for conducting such or related activities, including data analysis, so long as such Personal Information used is made anonymous. Such Personal Information may comprise any information collected by Plano, including eye tests results, changes in the user medical condition, age, gender, degree of myopia & changes thein overtime, usage of Plano and its services, manner of use of electronic devices and other information collected by Plano which does not identify any specific user.

21. Plano will be allowed to use cookies, small text files that are stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer, in order to provide the user with fast and efficient service and save the user from having to enter its personal details in every access. It is clarified to the user that these files do not contain any Personal Information and the user can set its browser software to not save “cookies” or to delete them.

22. By accepting the terms and conditions the user agrees that even if his Personal Information is stored in a Do Not Call Registry, the user agrees that the acceptance of the terms and conditions herein allow Plano to make any use of the Personal Identification supplied by the user including contact the user, through phone, sms, facsimile and other electronic regardless of the Personal Information stored in the Do Not Call Registry.

23. The user may, at any time, withdraw his consent in respect of Plano’s collection, use or disclosure of the user’s Personal Information for the purposes noted in this privacy policy (“Opt Out”). To Opt Out, the user shall email with the email subject OPT OUT. Plano will then within fourteen (14) days stop collecting, using or disclosing the user’s Personal Information. The user should note that withdrawal of his consent may affect some of the services provided by Plano.


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