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Eye Health

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With Plano’s eye health page, gain easy access to an array of useful articles about your eyes as well as about overall eye health in general. Let us explore some of these categories below.

Eye conditions and diseases

Have a small red lump under your eyelid? You probably have a stye. Find out about the causes and symptoms of your eye condition, as well as how to treat it. If you want to prevent a stye from developing in future, you can also refer to this article for tips.

If you have a family history of glaucoma, you may want to refer to this article to learn about the two main types of glaucoma as well as for a list of symptoms in order to detect this condition early on. While glaucoma can have irreversible damage on your eyes, early detection via regular eye checkups and treatment can slow its progress and protect your vision.

Curious as to why the irises of both your eyes reflect different colours? Then you may have heterochromia that may indicate an underlying medical condition.

If you have trouble seeing distant objects, you may be suffering from near-sightedness or myopia.

Eye treatment options

Once you have found out you are suffering from certain eye conditions or diseases, you may want to consult your eye care professional for the best treatment options available. To supplement your doctor’s advice, you can refer to Plano’s eye health page for suggestions to treat the various eye conditions, based on your pre-existing health. For instance, you can explore treatment options for myopia such as LASIK and contact lenses and examine their pros and cons. The side effects of LASIK surgery can be found here as well.

Having reddish eyes? Check out treatment options that differ based on the causes of your red eyes. Should the lens of your eye cloud because of cataract, perhaps cataract surgery may be an option. Also, if you suffer from eye diseases such as retinal detachment, consult with your doctor on the array of retinal detachment surgeries available to save your vision.

Hesitant about going for regular eye tests? Well, learn how a simple eye test helped detect an autoimmune disorder and saved someone’s life. Another story of how someone learnt how to better manage diabetes due to the results of an eye test is revealed here as well.

Eye care and prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Protect your eyes while they are still healthy before it is too late. Hence, regular eye checks are part and parcel of preventing eye diseases, especially for children whose eyes are still developing.

If you are working from home most of the time, set up your workstation to optimise conditions to enhance your eye health. If you are a parent, learn how parental control applications reveal to you patterns of eye care utilisation. Overcome challenges faced by your children in terms of development of myopia and increased screen time.

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