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Eye Conditions

From common eye diseases to rare disorders, find a full list of eye conditions here. Learn about conditions like astigmatism, myopia and cataract. Find out what causes them and how they develop. Spot early signs and symptoms and seek intervention from experts. Learn about preventive measures you can take to keep these conditions at bay. Discover the possible treatments and expected outcomes. The first step to combating vision impairment and blindness is to understand the conditions that cause them.

Eye conditions can affect anyone – old, young, male, female and everyone in between. It is important to stay abreast of the potential eye conditions that could severely impact your quality of life. While it isn’t hard to keep your eyes healthy, you shouldn’t take your eyes for granted. Some of these conditions can affect your eyesight and can even lead to blindness. There might be more to that nagging eyelid twitch or the strain you get from staring at screens all day.

Let us help you achieve your best vision with our extensive library of eye health information. Keep yourself updated on the latest clinical information. Get eye health statistics from around the world. Find out about the newest treatments and preventive measures for various eye conditions. Whether you are browsing out of interest or you have been recently diagnosed with an eye condition, you can find what you are looking for right here.

These science-based articles are written and reviewed by experts and professionals in the field of eye health. Find everything you need to know about different eye diseases, problems, conditions and disorders. This collection of eye health articles is a great source of information, but it does not replace professional advice. If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms from any of the conditions listed here, see an eye care professional immediately.


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