Do you know the best gyms for kids in Singapore?

Best Gyms for kids in Singapore

Don’t want your kids to end up like couch potatoes this June holiday? Want your kids to train those nascent muscles in their bodies? Or, simply want your kids to have a whale of a time and be happy and healthy? If you are searching for a gymnastics or gym with a more rigorous and regulated curriculum, or just looking to let your kiddos have some sweaty fun, we have got you covered. Here is a list of the best gyms for kids in Singapore below! 

#1: The Little Gym Singapore 

best gyms for kids in singapore

If your kiddos are still new to the whole world of flexing their muscles and training their stamina, then The Little Gym Singapore might be just for them. Trainers over here would guide your child to properly jump onto a platform or hang onto bars, without overstraining themselves. Besides learning new stunts and toning their muscles, your kiddos would polish up soft skills such as teamwork as they would be working in a team with other classmates. Look forward to them learning how to share with others as well as make new friends! 

#2: Tumble Joy Gymnastics 

best gym in singapore

As its name states, Tumble Joy Gymnastics enables a safe space for your kiddos to jump and land safely under the tutelage of an experienced trainer. The gym’s regular sessions would enhance your kiddos’ coordination and motor skills. Moreover, the techniques honed in these sessionS would give your kiddos a strong headstart for future sports lessons.The gym provides 1-hour weekly classes per week at only $429 (in addition to a one-time registration of $50) for a total of 11 lessons. Children as young as 2 years old can sign up. 

#3: Power Kids Gym 

Power Kids Gym

If you have infants as young as 4 months old and want to give them an early headstart in physical stamina and sports, then Power Kids Gym might just have the appropriate classes to build your kiddos’ endurance and stamina. The gym offers a variety of classes to hone children’s spatial awareness, motor skills and coordination. 

#4: Beary Fun Gym 

beary fun gimnasio

Want your little ones to develop and grow at his or her own pace? Then Beary Fun Gym would be an ideal place for your kiddos to harness their motor and coordination skills in a fun-filled environment. All their trainers a qualified with knowledge in first-aid and child psychology. 

#5: The Raffles Gymnastics Academy 

The Raffles Gymnastics Academy 

If you are aspiring to train your kiddos to be professional gymnasts, then The Raffles Gymnastics Academy might be a good option. Founded in 2008, the gym offers professional programmes to train your kiddos to be serious gymnasts representing their schools and even Singapore in the future.

Moreover, the gym also provides a physio-room for gymnasts to keep a close watch on their diets and nutrition. As an enhancement to their rigorous programme, the gym also offers birthday party services and boot camps to ensure that students have laughter and fun while training! 

Exercise would greatly boost your kiddos’ physical and mental health. Furthermore, fun ways of exercising, such as engaging gym classes, could reduce the amount of time your kiddos spend on digital screens. Therefore, your kiddos can not only train their bodily muscles, but also safeguard their eyesight too!


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