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Improving your workplace well-being through Enneagram profiling at Relationship Studio

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed at work, becoming angry or even withdrawn on a frequent basis? According to a Cigna 260 Well-Being Survey done in 2019, an alarming 92 percent of working Singaporeans are stressed, which is higher than the global average of 84%.[1] When workplace stresses are not examined, it can lead to occupational burnout, and the development of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. In this article, we will discuss how Relationship Studio can help you manage these issues better.

Before you think of how you can better manage our daily stresses, it is important to first understand what causes your stress. While all of us can be stressed by roughly the same things at work — dealing with an aggressive colleague, lacking autonomy, having too many tasks on our plate, or facing poor workplace relationships—we are all different in the extent and frequency we experience these stresses. That is, the way in which we experience and respond to similar stress triggers varies from person to person.

Why do individuals experience stress differently?

Here are three factors that could possibly account for the differences between how individuals experience stress:

1) Personality traits

Based on your temperament, which is a combination of your inborn personality traits and core needs, you are likely to experience certain types of stress triggers more than others.  For example, a person who prefers spending time alone may feel more overwhelmed when they work in environments which demand giving presentations in front of large crowds. While you can’t change your inborn personality traits, you can certainly become more aware of your predispositions to minimize or improve stress triggers at work.

2) Mental models

The way you have learned to assign meaning to a situation at work can also influence the magnitude and frequency of your stress. Any situation is arguably neutral until we interpret the event, which is where our thoughts come into play. For example, looking at the same work project as a “challenge” instead of a “threat” can make a potentially stressful situation less overwhelming.

3) Awareness of others

Your ability to be aware of others’ expected stress behavior will provide you with valuable information on how to better relate to others. Knowing your colleagues’ stress triggers enables you to better understand how to interact and communicate with them in a way that reduces tension and interpersonal conflict.

While it may be true that many workplace stressors are beyond our control, others are fostered internally as a result of an interaction between a stressful situation and the above personal factors. Through recognizing your personality type, behavioral and cognitive tendencies, you can start to gain a better idea of how to better manage your relationships at the workplace and thus improving your overall stress levels. Relationships are at the heart of your mental well-being and happiness. Studies have shown that strong and healthy social relationships have indirect long-term effects on our health through enhanced mental health, reducing the impact of stress.[2]

Leveraging Enneagram Tool: Dealing with stress through awareness of the self and others 

The next question is how can one gain a deeper insight into their own personality traits, mental models and that of others?  Enneagram, a personality profiling system which exhibits nine interconnected personality types, is a comprehensive and fantastic tool to help us achieve this awareness!

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Improving Your Workplace Well-Being With the Enneagram Workshop at Relationship Studio

Relationship Studio’s Enneagram workshops, facilitated by certified passionate Enneagram trainers, aims to educate you on how to leverage the Enneagram profiling tool to recognize your own personality type and that of others around you. You will see that each type comes with its own natural gifts, blind spots and its own distinctive ways of thinking which are largely rooted in our inborn personality.

At the 2-day Enneagram workshop, you will learn more about your strengths, blind spots, motivation, fears and your next steps to a breakthrough. You can expect to gain first-hand experience of each Enneagram Type through the engaging role-plays and fun panel discussions, thereby relating the experiences and applying them to your own personal context. Coupled with the detailed personality assessment and post-workshop one-one coaching session provided, you can also discuss your unique stress and growth points with your dedicated trainer and develop a development plan based on your personality profile!

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What can you expect from the workshop?

You can expect a transformational impact on your interpersonal relationships and well-being through the following ways:

1. Awareness of others’ personality type

You will gain a deeper understanding of others’ behaviors, underlying attitudes and motivations, base emotions, conscious and unconscious motivations, and defense mechanisms to help you better approach group dynamics and interpersonal communication at the workplace, thereby minimizing your workplace stress. For example, Enneagram Type 5s are motivated by a strong core desire to be competent and are good with research to understand a subject in-depth. By understanding a Type 5’s need to contemplate various angles comprehensively before taking actions, you will be able to better appreciate their style of working instead of being impatient with them.

2. Awareness of your personality type

A greater understanding of your Enneagram type through personality profiling will help you better plan your daily work tasks and job scope to minimize stress. Assuming you are an Enneagram Type 4, a work day which lacks personal creativity is more likely to get on your nerves and drain you as compared to that of other personality types. Learning this aspect about your personality helps you gain a better perspective on how you can potentially structure or make changes to your current job scope, with the aim to improve your fulfillment and well-being at the workplace.

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Discover your Enneagram Type with Relationship Studio

If you find yourself falling into the same defeating thoughts or behaviors which lead to stress, and you are ready to learn how you can break free from your negative patterns, Enneagram coaching is for you! Discovering your own Enneagram personality profile and that of others is the first step in formulating an effective stress management strategy that works best for you.

Looking to find a trusted source to transform your relationship with stress and achieve your highest potential at the workplace? Relationship Studio provides facilitated workshops run by quality coaches who are trained in the 2,500-year old Enneagram Approach. Kickstart your self-awareness journey with Relationship Studio and learn more on how you can enhance your relationships through the range of courses and workshops offered.


[1] Cigna. (2019). 2019 Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey: Well & Beyond.

[2] Umberson, D., & Montez, J. K. (2010). Social relationships and health: a flashpoint for health policy. Journal of health and social behavior, 51 Suppl(Suppl), S54–S66. https://doi.org/10.1177/0022146510383501


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