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Eye Exercise Apps – Do They Really Help?

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How far do eye exercise apps help your children’s eyes? Does it help to prevent myopia or any other eye health risks from progressing?

Keeping (your eyes) fit.

There are many eye exercise applications on the market that claim to help you attain perfect eyesight or, achieve better vision health. Some are free for download while others can cost you a pretty penny. While exercise is always good for us, how much of these eye exercises really help your eyes, and what are they?

What are eye exercises?

Unlike your regular gym exercises which include strength curls and maybe a burpee or two, eye exercises include focus exercises, the 20-20-20 rule, and blinking quickly. These exercises help to relieve stress from your children’s eyes after long hours of near work activity, and also help to strengthen their eye muscles. However, it is not proven that these eye exercises will eliminate even the most commonplace of eye health ailments such as myopia. In fact, Dr. Lipsky, a specialist in ophthalmology, even commented that eye exercise apps may in fact be scientifically unproven.

So what can you do to help your eyes?

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But not all hope is lost. There are steps you can take to safeguard your children’s eye health and prevent myopia and other eye-related problems from progressing. In fact, the best guard against eye health problems is spending time outdoors. As children are glued to their phones nowadays, spending too much time indoors means that their eyes do not have enough exposure to sunlight and, their eyes don’t have the chance to focus on distant objects. This is important to ensure that the axial length of the eye does not become too long and cause myopia.

Secondly, scheduling regular visits to your optometrist or your children can go a long way in identifying and correcting any vision errors. Moreover, if you are considering investing into an eye exercise app for your children, visit an optometrist near you for professional advice first and ask him/her if you can trust the efficacy of your potential eye exercise app. The plano app has functions that can remind your children to take breaks between their device use, and limit the amount of time they can spend on their smartphones. At the same time, you can book an optometry consultation through the plano app which helps to make bookings more seamless and convenient.

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