How to help your kid find their passion in Singapore? 

How to help your kid find their passion? 

All kids have passion – yes, even yours! While some kids may seem more passionate than others when it comes to engaging in their interests, it is important to remember that all children have things they enjoy and love doing. There have been conversations around the importance of helping kids find their passion early so that they can live up to their fullest potential.

Childs finding their passion and playing

How important is it to discover your child’s passion?

A child’s passion keeps them healthily engaged and leaves them less vulnerable to the pitfalls of boredom. When children are focused on pursuing their passion and hobbies, they are less likely to indulge in maladaptive behaviours that can get in the way of their academic goals and developmental milestones. More importantly, in the process of engaging in a community with peers that share similar interests, children also get the opportunity to develop bonds and connections that can last a lifetime. So as a parent, how can you help to guide them to find that spark? 

Ways to discover your kid’s passion

There are several things you can do to assist your child on his or her journey to discover their passion. Here are a few easy tips to consider:

1. Observe your child often 

As your kids are trying out various activities, watch them carefully. Be a quiet observer of your child and see what excites him or her. For example, when your child is performing an act of giving, watch how he reacts to what he is doing and observe if he has a passion for giving. Some children’s passions are rooted in principles like spreading kindness and helping others.

2. Avoid pressuring your kids

Whether it is sports, academics or more creative hobbies, it is a positive sign when a child shows interest. However, too often, parents can fall into the trap of pushing their kids to excel in it, rather than simply allowing them to enjoy the activity, which can have detrimental effects on a child’s well-being in the long term. Give your kids ample time to explore at their own pace. 

3. Introduce new opportunities

Provide a plethora of opportunities for your kids to explore the things they are not as skilled at. The easiest way might be to sign them up for a specific sports class like soccer or explore activity clubs such as Little Rangers Club which offers a wide range of activities and programmes for children of various age groups. Their unique programmes are specially crafted to suit the needs of young children and provide them with the platform to discover a variety of experiences through play. 

4. Show encouragement 

Be encouraging and cheer for your child when they are trying out a new activity. However, do so in moderate amounts as kids tend to quickly detect if you are pushing them to feel a certain way. You can encourage your child to stick with a new activity long enough to get a good feel for it, but also allow sufficient space for him to make up his own mind about an activity.

Discover your child’s passion with Little Rangers Club!

Participating in novel activities is vital in a child’s early years as it helps them learn their interest for a specific activity. Little Rangers Club can be the perfect platform to help you out as it offers a series of indoor and outdoor skill learning programs, and holiday camps for children of various age groups.

1. Discovery programmes

From programmes such as “Toddler Free Play and Open Exploration” to “Active Totes Gym Classes”, Little Rangers Club’s discovery programmes are suitable for children aged 1 to 6. Their popular indoor gym classes are perfect for young children to discover their passions and talents while enhancing physical and social skills. With the addition of fun games, story-telling, music and movement, children are exposed to a variety of different elements, giving them the opportunity to discover their potential and build meaningful social connections.

2. Skill learning programmes

For older children and teenagers (up to 13 years old), Little Rangers Club offers more advanced skill-based learning programs such as “Fun On Wheels”, “Ball-in-One”, ”Make A Splash”, and “Nature Explorer”, to name a few. Ranging from water sports like snorkelling and kayaking to ball sports and rollerblading, the activities are designed to equip your child with essential life skills, while giving them the opportunity to discover and nurture their passion. 

3. Holiday camps 

Ranger 2-day holiday camps would be another great option to expose your kids to more outdoor adventures and build skills such as cycling and map reading. During the camp, children can also expect to learn creative problem solving skills and social skills through exciting bonding activities with other kids! 

Why Little Rangers Club?


Programmes and activities offered by Little Rangers Club are tailored such that learning is child-led in an environment that is enjoyable, safe and empowering for the kids. Located at the hilltop premises of Bukit Batok Civil Service Club, their programmes are conducted both within the club and throughout beautiful outdoor spaces, with a few locations in the North, South, East and Western parts of Singapore. Not to mention, all classes are also conducted by trained instructors to ensure the safety and well-being of the young children.

Start your kid’s discovery journey with Little Rangers Club and learn more about its membership perks and programme details



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