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Building a positive parent-child relationship through art!

Parenting can be one of the most rewarding life experiences, but definitely not an easy one. One of the major difficulties faced as a parent is building and sustaining a strong positive parent-child relationship. A positive parent-child relationship is one that focuses on nurturing the physical, emotional and social developmental needs of a child.

parent child relationship

Why is it important to have a positive parent-child relationship?

Building a positive relationship with your child starts from the moment they are born. A positive parent-child bond lays the foundation for your child’s personality and overall well-being. Children with a stronger bond with their parents are often more confident, happier and form better relationships with their peers. Children are also reported to learn better when they have a strong, loving and positive relationship with their parents or caregiver. A study conducted at Harvard University reveals that a loving parental relationship is the strongest predictor of a child’s future success.

Yet, building a positive bond with your child doesn’t occur by chance. It stems from a conscious effort of being in the moment with your child, spending quality time with them and creating a caring environment of trust and respect. There are various platforms you can leverage as a parent to create a positive relationship with your child. Engaging in art activities or workshops is one of them!

parent child relationship

How does art help to foster positive parent-child relationships?

Art is more than just fun and entertainment. Engaging in or creating arts and crafts with younger children is a great way to foster deeper bonds with them. Here are some interesting perspectives on how art activities can be an incredibly effective medium to help strengthen the parent-child bond.

Showing interest in your child’s hobbies

What does your child enjoy during their free time? Beginning as early as ages two to three, most children love using paintbrushes and making art! If your child likes to draw or paint, consider attending art workshops or classes where you can paint together with them. Importantly, by doing this, you are showing them that you are carving out time to learn about the things they love. Showing that you support your child’s interests in these little ways goes a long way. It not only helps them discover their interests at an early age, but it is also an opportunity for you to build stronger connections with them!

Learning from a child’s perspective

Ever heard of the phrase, “Art sparks communication”? Indeed, without the need to be verbal, art enables young children to express their ideas in an honest way. It helps to open the window into what your children are thinking and feeling. You are able to learn about your child’s emotions and understand better from their perspective. Talk about what you observe in your children’s art or encourage your child to tell you the story of their art. For instance, “Tell me about your drawing”, is a perfect question to spark conversation around their artwork. Engaging in art classes or workshops with your child provides an opportunity for you to see from their perspective, which is key in strengthening a parent-child bond.

Showing love and encouragement

Arts and crafts is a platform to encourage your kids’ effort rather than focusing on a “right” or “wrong” outcome. As a parent, you can acknowledge something specific a child spent time and effort on, like making a particularly interesting artwork or mixing colours to get a unique shade. The sense of achievement that accompanies a completed art piece also empowers children and increases their self-esteem. When parents show encouragement and genuine interest in their process of art creation, children will come to feel more valued and loved. This love that children feel is essential in forming a healthy and positive parent-child bond.

Creating quality bonding time and shared memories

Children need quality bonding time, not just time together. Quality time together with your kids means being able to be in the present moment with them. It doesn’t matter what the actual activity is, as long as you are being present with your kids. With the many distractions around today, it can be extremely hard to find uninterrupted time with your young ones. Finding a space dedicated to fun arts and crafts activities as a family is an incredible way to spend quality time with your little ones. Through the creation of art, you get to work together to build a piece of artwork, and more importantly, beautiful shared memories will be forged in the process!

parent child relationship

How to get started?

If you are in search of a dedicated art space to spend quality time and bond with your children, Avant Garde Art Space offers personalised, fun and enriching Art Classes and Art Jamming sessions suitable for kids aged three and above! The studio offers a wide range of selections from sketching and crafts, to acrylic and watercolour painting. All art supplies will be fully provided during the sessions. Make your first Trial Class booking with Avant Garde Art Space here.


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