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Art jamming in Singapore: What is it and why it is good for you

Art Jamming in Singapore, likewise known as a social painting encounter or event is a term created by Betty Cheung in Hong Kong in 2000. Simply put, art jamming is an act of creating art together either individually or as a group. The motive behind art jamming is that when people come together to produce art, they could draw inspiration from each other’s ideas and also unwind from stress. In modern-day Singapore, we could be too caught up in the humdrum route of everyday life and feel overwhelmed as a result. Therefore, the role of art jamming as a way to unwind and relax comes in handy. We explore the benefits of art jamming in Singapore in this article below.

art jamming in Singapore

#1: Art Jamming Enables You To De-stress and Relax in Singapore

Your human mind needs some downtime to recuperate and relax from the usual stresses of everyday life. Routine rest times can help you get out of a rut so as to feel more energized for work and other life commitments later. Art jamming is a good solution if you want to use your imagination in a productive, creative and wholesome way. Instead of simply rushing from point A to B, focus on creating your piece of artwork, you can relax, calm down and just appreciate the process of creating art in a tranquil environment.

#2: Bond with loved ones and family

Besides the relaxing health benefits that art jamming sessions offer, you can bond with your loved ones and family members while creating artworks individually or as a team. If you and your loved ones share a common interest and passion in art or art creation, then art jamming would be an exciting and engaging activity to participate in – as well as create wonderful memories together. This is especially the case in a digitalised nation like Singapore where people tend to be glued to their screens and feel isolated from one another. Art jamming sessions compel you to step out of your inner shell and bond with the people around you while creating tangible pieces of art.

#3: Enhance Your Confidence with art jamming in Singapore

Art jamming is a wonderful way to enhance your self-confidence. This is because you are permitted to tap into your creative juices and explore various art styles! You may want to attempt a different art style or use a different medium to portray your ideas. Boost your confidence and brighten your mood when you successfully produce a finished art piece.

#4: Boost your concentration abilities

Additionally, art jamming sessions can sharpen your focus and concentration skills. If you find it challenging to concentrate on one task for an extended period of time, try painting! Painting over a specific period of time can hone your concentration skills, enabling you to better focus on other things in your everyday lives as a result.

Embrace Art, Embrace Life

G.K. Chesterton opined that art is a reflection of the realities around us. Therefore, if you find that you are feeling disconnected from reality as a result of too much time spent online in the digital world, try out art jamming in Singapore by yourself or with your loved ones! With your loved ones, embrace your inner artist and enjoy the process of creating something beautiful and inspirational by going for an art jamming session in Singapore this weekend.


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