How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?


Your false lashes have been giving you a luscious look, framing your countenance for the past couple of weeks. Yet recently they have since started to slowly fall out in clumps, making them unsuitable for wear already. Thus, you may be wondering how to remove false eyelash extensions at home safely. Well, you are on the right page.

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While it is best that you remove your false eyelash extensions via the services of a professional, sometimes you may be busy or on a budget. Thus, in this article, we explore safe ways to remove your false eyelash extensions at home without damaging your natural ones. 

#1: Use an oil cleanser

Any professional lash artist would advise you to avoid using oil-based cleansers after getting a fresh set of false eyelashes done. This is because oil-based cleansers would adversely weaken the strength of the lash glue and result in your extensions dropping off sooner. Thus if you want to remove your extensions, you should use oil-based cleansers to loosen leftover lashes:

  1. Apply the oil to your skin using gentle, circular motions to loosen the grip of the lash glue. 
  2. Repeat this process a few times, preferably for a couple of nights [1]. 

#2: Apply oil to your eye area

Besides oil-based cleansers, simply use oil like olive oil or coconut oil to loosen your extensions. Soak a cotton pad with oil, dab it around your lashes while massaging the eye area for around thirty seconds. Repeat this process a few times to loosen the lashes [1]. 

#3: Use an oil-free serum 

If you prefer an oil-free serum, get an oil-free lash remover from your beauty store. Spread the remover onto your cotton pads before gently applying the pads around the lash extensions around 1mm from the lash line [2]. 

#4: Apply steam 

Loosen any lash extensions and weaken the bond of the eyelash extension glue by applying steam to your face. Simply hold your face (carefully of course!) over a bowl with steaming-hot water. Remain in this position for 10 to 15 minutes [2].

#5: Take a hot shower 

Take a hot shower to hasten the fall-out process. Just do the opposite of your lash artist’s advice to prolong the life of your false lashes. Take a hot shower to loosen any lashes as well as the lash glue for a painless lash removal process. Avoid touching your lashes for the best results. Also, do not pluck your lash extensions off as you may damage your natural lashes. Ultimately, bear the following in mind: your lashes would gradually grow out and shed with your natural lash cycle [1]. 

#6: Use Vaseline

Use Vaseline to remove your extensions at home [4]. Begin by putting your head over a bowl of steaming hot water for about 15 minutes.  Next, apply some Vaseline around your lash area. The Vaseline can weaken the glue. Swipe the Vaseline over the glue a couple of times for better results. Wash your face to remove the Vaseline once you have successfully removed the glue. 

Things To Note before removing your eyelash extensions

If you have hard lash extensions, you may find removing them challenging because they are glued to your natural lashes. As the glue used to hold the extension is highly irritant, the best would be to get someone else, preferably a lash artist, to remove the extensions. However, if you are taking off the extensions by yourself at home, remove the glue first before using a cotton swab to slowly remove the extension from your lashes. Extensions can enhance your overall look, but they generally last for around 3-4 weeks only. Gently use oil or non-oil removers to remove the extensions from your lash area. 


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