Parenting tips: 3 Easy Eye Care Tips to Keep Myopia at Bay
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Smart Parenting: 3 Quick and Easy Eye Care Tips to Keep Myopia at Bay

As a parent, you may have thought about how best to provide for your child. Raising a healthy child is one of the most challenging jobs a parent can have, yet rewarding at the same time. No matter what your parenting style may be, taking care of your child’s eyesight is important! Checkout this article for quick and easy eye care tips to keep myopia at bay and protecting your child’s eyesight.

Cultivating healthy device habits might be difficult, especially for a generation of children where smart devices are everywhere. The best move might be to make learning engaging and interactive so that our children are receptive to the lesson, and taking care of their eyes is something they do because they find it fun and enjoyable.

The Plano Adventures series are a fun early chapter books on the exciting adventures of Professor Plano as he defeats Lord Myopic with the help of his adorable twin sidekicks. The stories from this series are based on scientific research and were written specially to empower young readers to tackle the adverse effects of excessive device use. The stories also provide quick and easy eye care tips to keep myopia at bay.

Here is Professor Plano’s Clear Vision Recipe that will help protect your child’s eyesight and keep myopia at bay:

1. Scoops of Good Distance


Teach your children to hold their devices or books at least 30cm from their eyes. You can demonstrate the action of holding a device 30cm away to help your children understand better!

2. Dashes of Eye Breaks


Your children should take a break after 30 minutes on their devices or books! Excessive duration spent on their devices or books increases the risk of myopia. During their break, kids should look out into the distance.

3. Heaps of Time Outdoors

Make sure your children spend at least 2 hours outdoors every day! Although this is hard to achieve for children, especially with huge amounts of homework from school, share with them the importance of outdoor activities and encourage them to do so.


The Plano Adventures Series


Every book from the series is exciting and fun through the incorporation of Professor Plano’s Clear Vision Recipe that you have to use to foil an evil character’s plans. You can get The Plano Adventures series on Amazon & Book Depository.

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