What are the top 5 tools that help you sleep better?

Top 5 tools that help you sleep better

When you sleep well at night you feel more energized and productive the next day. If you do not sleep well, you can feel down as well as languid during the day. Struggling with suboptimal slumber? Well, there are tools and gadgets that could facilitate your sleep, whether you wish to reduce snoring, decrease the time taken to fall asleep or block out outside noises that keep waking you up. Here are some tools that help you sleep better.

father, mum and daughter sleeping in a bed thanks to the tools that help you sleep better

Top tools for a better sleep

Luna Weighted Blanket

luna weighted blanket

The Luna Weighted Blanket is an affordable blanket that helps you get a night of more restful sleep during the night. The blanket facilitates a good night’s sleep by reducing the number of bodily movements during sleep.

Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask

Nodpod Weighted Eye Mask

Besides weighted blankets, how about getting a weighted eye mask? Such an eye mask contains gentle weights with just the optimal amount of pressure to ensure you fall asleep in a relaxed manner. All four pods have equally weighted pods to ease you into sleep, regardless of your preferred sleep position. Light sleepers – rejoice, for this eye mask totally blocks the light out. Moreover, this eye mask offers dual softness, with one side cool jersey cotton and the other a warm microfiber. This mask contains loose flaps that let it rest freely over your eyes.

ChiliPAD Sleep System

ChiliPAD Sleep System

Temperature determines the quality of your sleep. Excessive heat leads to night sweats while a freezing environment can lead to insomnia. The optimal sleeping temperature is typically a cool air conditioning setting, although each individual’s ideal sleeping temperature differs. Even those sleeping in the same room may have varying temperature needs.

The Chilisleep technology cube uses water to heat or cool the mattress pad, and it can be adjusted to varying temperatures on each side of the pad. Because this system uses less energy than an air conditioning unit, you can save on electricity costs while having your own optimal individualized sleeping temperature. Your sore muscles or chronic injuries can seek some alleviation from the heat setting as well.

RENPHO eye massager

RENPHO eye massager

If your eyes have been overworked by staring at the screen, you may suffer from soreness and headaches. Hence, the RENPHO eye massager that is worn like an eye mask can massage, heat, and compress your eyes to soothe the pain. This massager can reduce eye dryness, puffiness, migraines, headaches, and tension from too much screen time during the day. This Bluetooth-enabled portable device is great for travel, yet a note of caution would apply if you just had eye surgery, or for those with conditions like glaucoma.

Casper Glow Light

Casper Glow Light

Another tool that help you sleep better is the Casper Glow Light. If you have a hyperactive circadian rhythm with easily disrupted sleep, use the Glow Light from Casper to sleep. This light begins bright enough to read a book but dims down over the course of about 45 minutes until it turns off, imitating the setting sun. Simply flip the light over to turn it on and off. Twist it left and right to adjust the brightness and shake it while it is turned off to turn it into a night light.

Consult a specialist if you have trouble sleeping

Even the best sleep gadgets are no perfect replacement for expert help, so if you are concerned about your sleeping problems, speak to your doctor or a sleep specialist as they are qualified to help you.


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