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Vision care insurance: All you need to know

What is vision care insurance?

Vision care insurance, or vision insurance, refers to health plans meant to partially or totally cover the costs associated with regular preventive eye care such as eye examinations, prescription eyewear like contact lenses and glasses and even vision correction surgery like LASIK. Also, vision insurance can include more conventional medical plans to enhance eyesight and treat eye injuries.

Vision car insurance

Eye surgeries can be discounted via vision insurance plans.

The difference between vision care insurance plans and that of other types of medical insurance policies is that while the latter may offer unlimited perks after some level of deductibles and copayments have been achieved, most vision insurance plans offer particular benefits and discounts for a yearly premium, just like annual gift cards. Insured people can enjoy savings when they go for routine eye check ups or buy eyewear products. Hence vision care insurance plans can help reduce the expenses relating to basic and render premium eyewear products more affordable.

Enjoy insurance savings

Enjoy more savings with vision insurance.

What must you look out for when buying vision care insurance?

When purchasing it,  carefully read and understand the costs and benefits associated with the plan(s) you are considering. Ask your eye care professional to advise you of the particular benefits of your vision insurance plan before your eye test and eyewear purchase.

How can you obtain vision insurance?

You can buy vision insurance as an additional benefit to existing insurance policies that your company or professional association adopts. If you are self-employed or are not working, you can ensure your health insurance plan covers vision insurance as well.

Access your health and vision care from the group of healthcare providers — doctors, laboratories and hospitals assigned to provide health care to vision insurance plan members at discounted rates.

If you wish to include your spouse or children in your vision coverage, the average cost you pay per pax is usually a tad less than the rate charged for an individual plan. Look out for standalone plans that feature mostly vision benefits as well. Before committing to one vision insurance plan, shop around for options that most suit you and your family’s needs.

What benefits are covered in vision care insurance?

With vision care insurance, gain access to eye specialists like optometrists and ophthalmologists, opticians, eyewear outlets and even LASIK surgeons! Enjoy regular preventive eye care services at discounted rates, and lots of savings over time! Here are some of the following products and services you can enjoy discounts on with vision insurance:

  • Yearly eye examinations
  • Spectacle frames
  • Spectacle lenses
  • Contact lenses
  • LASIK surgery discounts

Benefit period

Vision insurance policies differ by country and in Singapore for example, it can operate on a rolling cycle, as some benefits can only be accessed once per a certain time frame. For instance, you may only qualify for benefits if you go for a maximum of one eye check every 12 months. The benefit period on some plans can be up to 24 months. Ensure you can obtain the benefits covered in a particular time frame before the next benefit period begins.

Preferred network of providers

A preferred network of providers alludes to the outlets, services and facilities that are linked to your plan. Ascertain if the optometrist or ophthalmologist that you frequent is included in the network before buying the plan.

Waiting period

The waiting period, typically between 1 month to 24 months, is the time you will need to wait once you have bought your plan before you can claim benefits.

There are no universal vision care insurance plans out there as everyone’s vision needs and budgets are different. Consult your eye care professional and insurance provider to get the best vision insurance for your needs.

Consult an eye care professional

Consult your eye care professional about the terms of your desired vision insurance plan before buying any.



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