Why Swimming Is Beneficial for Your Health

Why Swimming Is Beneficial for Your Health

Swimming has been touted by many as an ideal exercise as you can generally work out without damaging your joints regardless of age. Moreover, if you are recuperating from an injury, swimming is an inexpensive way to help you keep fit. Let us take a dive (pun intended) into the various health benefits of swimming below.

benefits of swimming

Benefits of swimming for your health

#1: Swimming is a complete body workout

You involve almost every major muscle group as you would have to use your legs, arms, and core as well as concentrate on balancing when swimming. Regular swimming enhances your metabolism, fitness and strength as you have to move through the water. When you swim, your arms pull, your legs kick and your stomach tightens to propel your legs. Moreover, your muscles would get toned as a result of flexing them. l Therefore, swimming remains one of the aerobic exercises to enable you to get a total body workout.

#2: You can still swim when recovering from an injury

As swimming is a low-impact activity, you can still swim even when you have conditions like arthritis or if you are injured. This is because water would support your muscles instead of wearing them down. Furthermore, regular swimming can build muscles and enhance your endurance.

#3: Swimming helps you burn calories

Swimming can help you burn calories in varying degrees, based on the type of stroke you use to swim as well as your swimming intensity. For about ten minutes of swimming, you can burn around 150 calories with the butterfly stroke, 100 calories with the freestyle and 80 calories with the backstroke.

#4: Swimming helps you de-stress

Apart from calorie burning, swimming promotes deep rhythmic breathing, thus enabling you to experience a sense of relaxation and calm. Furthermore, the sound of the water rushing by as you swim helps you to concentrate on your swimming and not get distracted by the external surroundings. Such peace and calm can help lower stress and even anxiety.

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