How Kids Benefit from Learning About Dinosaurs

How Kids Benefit from Learning About Dinosaurs

Kids Benefit from Learning Dinosaurs

Your kids may find the world of dinosaurs absolutely fascinating and just can’t get enough of these larger-than-life creatures, despite you already buying several T-Rex and Triceratops toys for them. Did you know that your kid can benefit from learning about dinosaurs? Here are some benefits your kids can reap by learning about these gigantic reptiles! 

#1: Kids Can Develop Useful Imaginative And Cognitive Skills

Learning about dinosaurs can spark and facilitate your kids’ imagination and cognitive skills. Studying about the different types of dinosaurs can help kids to learn to make inferences about how life was like for dinosaurs, as well as hone other critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

benefits of learning dinosaurs

#2: Kids Can Learn More About The Wonders Of Creation

Through the study of dinosaur fossils which are the remains of these creatures that were buried in sediment, kids can appreciate the wonders of these mammoths and what life was like for these colossal beasts. Also, kids can learn more about theories of Earth science, such as the plate tectonic theory. Moreover, kids can infer about the ecosystems in place during the Age of dinosaurs and learn how the aftermath of a global flood most likely led to their demise.

#3: Kids Can Learn About Scientific Concepts

When kids learn about dinosaurs, they can be exposed to scientific concepts like the predator-prey relationship,  the food chain as well as how the different types of dinosaurs were categorised. Also, kids can learn how certain types of dinosaurs were meat eaters whereas others were plant eaters. Furthermore, dinosaurs that were both meat and plant eaters also existed too.

Interested in taking your kids to explore the world of dinosaurs?  Fortunately for you, Jewel Changi is offering Jewel-rassic Quest, a thrilling dinosaur augmented reality (AR) experience to meet these behemoth creatures! Immerse yourselves in this experience with the Timelens tablet to see dinosaurs like the T-Rex in action! Use the Timelens to snap pictures of dinosaurs in action and unearth things to transport back in time!  Watch out for the other dinosaur species as they freely roam amidst the verdant greenery of Jewel’s Shiseido Forest Valley and Canopy Park. Also, uncover fun facts about Jewel Changi via a Dino Egg Hunt. Each egg you discover would contain trivia about Jewel!

Kids Benefit from Learning Dinosaurs

Enjoy a headstart on this Jewel-rassic Quest with the dino-deal where you can get tickets at an introductory price from now to 30 June 2022!

Introductory Price: $20.00 (Standard Rate), $18.00 (Singapore Resident Rate) valid from 31 March – 30 June 2022

Usual Price: $25.00 (Standard Rate) $22.50 (Singapore Resident Rate)

Terms And Conditions:

  1. Ticket includes
  • Rental of one (1) TimeLens device and other related components* as may be necessary for the participation in the Jewel-rassic Quest
  • Single-entry access to Canopy Park for up to 1 adult and 1 child during gameplay.
  • Complimentary digital photos (maximum 50) sent via ema

2. The device can be shared between 1 child (below 12 yo) and 1 adult as adult supervision is required for the child.

3. A refundable security deposit of S$50 is required for the rental of the device. It will be refunded upon return of the device at the end of the game time.

The first 1,000 guests to complete the experience will receive a $10 Jewel gift voucher, an exclusive event badge and a jungle hat.

Buy your tickets at Jewel Changi’s L1 Concierge or get them online here.

Have a dino-mite time with your family!


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