Bored with your workout? Discover how to be fit with Nerfax!

Bored with your workout? Discover how to be fit with Nerfax!

Sticking to a regular exercise routine isn’t easy. Even the best workout routines and plans can get stale and repetitive after a while. If you find it hard to get into the habit of exercising or sustaining your workout routine, this article is for you. In fact, it is normal to get bored with workouts and understanding the science behind your habits to find new ways of keeping fit is the first step to fix your workout boredom and get yourself back on track! For example, find out how to be fit with Nerfax here.

ways of keeping fit

Understanding the science behind habits

To make exercising a habit, let’s dive deeper to understand more about the framework of how habits work. This way we can take advantage of the way our brains function to help us form sustainable fitness habits. According to Charles Duhig, he mentioned that there is a neurological loop at the core of every habit, which consists of three main components: a cue, a routine and a reward [1].

For instance, if you want to start gymming early in the morning. The cue for this can be an alarm that reminds you to go to the gym. The follow-up is the routine, which is the gym activity. Now, the reward can be anything that makes you feel pleasure, which can be the rush of endorphins in your body, or even external rewards like spending time with your friend. Be honest with yourself because the habit loop is driven by our cravings for the end reward.

One of the reasons why people stop working out is because they don’t enjoy it. Such a workout routine will never stick. Just as the reward needs to provide pleasure, so does the routine. Sometimes the workout routine itself is where we derive our sense of reward and positive feelings from. If you are not extracting any pleasurable rewards during your workout, or if you are doing it because you feel that you should instead of wanting to be doing it, there is little chance that it will last.

How you can be fit with Nerfax

Having this in mind, you can perhaps change to a better routine by choosing a behavior that delivers the reward you are craving for. There are a few ways to change up your workout routine to make working out more enjoyable and rewarding for yourself! Our brain thrives on variety and novelty. NERF Action Xperience (NERFAX) provides fun-filled experiences in an arena packed with multiple-themed creative outlets to change up your fitness routine! 

Here are five ways you can spice up your fitness routine with NERFAX

1) Try out adrenaline-pumping adventures

Stimulating activities designed to release adrenaline is key to achieving a healthy and well-rounded fitness routine! If you are a thrill seeker, get your adrenaline pumped through NERFAX’s high-stake obstacle courses at the “Conquer” zone. In the various obstacle courses, you can get a chance to conquer harsh conditions by scaling through high terrains and experience an adrenaline-pump from conquering the volcanoes, icy mountains and other challenging landscapes!

2) Create variations in your workout routine

Varying your exercise routine not only helps to prevent boredom but also maximizes the effectiveness of your workout. When you do the same tasks repeatedly, your body adapts to the activity and becomes more efficient and hence you may not burn as many calories as you did before. With different theme-based stations, NERFAX provides the opportunity for you to rotate among several high-intensity activities. This reduces repetition and at the same time, you get to keep your muscles challenged! Varying the type of activities can also limit the strain placed on the same parts of your body, preventing muscle imbalances and injury.

3) Incorporate elements of reward and fun  

Exercising is hard work and without a clear reward, it is easy to get bored and give up. NERFAX activities are not only designed to incorporate the element of fun but they also aim to reward you with a sense of accomplishment! For example, at “Conquer” zone, you will be rewarded with sky-high views and a sense of accomplishment when you conquer your fear of heights by ascending to the summit. Furthermore, you can also unleash your creative expression at the “Create” zone, which is part of the rewarding and fun element of the entire arena.

4)  Challenge a buddy

Exercising alone all the time is pretty uninteresting and it can get boring quickly! NERFAX provides a unique fitness experience where it allows you to challenge your friends and family at various play zones. Specially designed for team-bonding, stations like the “Zombie City” or “Camp Dunes” offer team-based activities where you can build fun memories with your best buddies. For instance, the main mission at “Camp Dune” is to blast your opponents using a NERF blaster, collect your team’s coloured flag and bring them to home base. A little friendly competition at the high-energy training circuit provided by the “Challenge” zone is a great way to avoid the lonesome boredom of exercise and inject a little motivation into your workout routine. Besides, working out feels less like work when you make it a game!

5)  Strengthen your mind, not just your body 

To build up a successful workout routine, try to incorporate activities that strengthen your mind, not just your body! Adding challenging activities such as climbing walls, holding onto ropes and navigating obstacle courses will test not only your physical strength, but also improve your mental resilience and your ability to deal with stressful situations. Completing an obstacle course by facing your fears can improve your self-esteem and equip you with the confidence to overcome real-life challenges. Challenging yourself with NERFAX physical activities not only strengthens your physical strength but it can also offer a welcome boost to your mood, outlook and mental well-being.

Start your rewarding fitness journey with NERFAX!

Developing a fitness routine can be a daunting task, and surely there will be some days which are tougher than others. By following the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to making your fitness routine more enjoyable and hence also more likely to stick to it! Remember that workout boredom doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the benefits of keeping fit. NERFAX offers a wide variety of exhilarating activity zones that helps you stay pumped, excited and motivated in your fitness journey!

Navigate your way through NERFAX by purchasing your tickets and book your time slot here!


[1] The Power of Habit by. (2020, August 11). Charles Duhigg.


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