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Wakeboarding in Singapore – What is it and what are its benefits?

Singapore is an island surrounded by water. Hence, it would not be surprising if you enjoy various water sports. While some of the more popular water sports include swimming and kayaking, wakeboarding in Singapore is also a fantastic water sport to keep fit and give you an adrenaline rush.

guy in a jump wakeboarding in singapore

(Wakeboarding can give you that adrenaline rush that boosts your overall well-being.)

Also, if you are keen to have more family time with your loved ones, and spend a fun-filled day outdoors, here are some reasons why you should take your family out for wakeboarding.

What is wakeboarding?

For the uninitiated, wakeboarding is a type of waterskiing whereby a person rides on the water surface with a board. The rider gets fastened to a board and gets towed around by a motorised boat. While relishing in the excitement of riding on water, an advanced wakeboard rider can stage tricks or stunts using the board. You may not want to use an expensive motorised boat as the fuel may contaminate the waters you are in.Instead, you may choose the cheaper option of cable skiing, where you would be fastened to an overhead cable that is about 8 to 12 metres above the water surface.

wakeboarding jump in singapore

(A lot of bodily muscles would be toned when you wakeboard.)

What are some of the benefits of wakeboarding in Singapore?

  • Full Body Exercise: Wakeboarding necessitates a huge amount of bodily strength when you perform tricks with your hands holding the rope. Often, you would have to flex, resist and hold positions for periods at a time. Your muscles (both arms and legs) would be toned after some time on the water surface. Thus, a wakeboarding session could be a full body exercise to keep your body and mind healthy.
  • Enhances Limb Flexibility: All the tricks and stunts performed during wakeboarding would require you to be flexible to avoid injury. Over time, your limbs would become more flexible as you wakeboard, and such flexibility can be transferable to other everyday activities.
  • Boosts Reaction Times: When you wakeboard, you would have to respond quickly to abrupt changes of direction and positions, depending on the shift in waves. Frequent wakeboarding hence boosts your reaction time and your ability to respond to sudden changes in the water, direction, and body position.
  • Improves bodily stability and balance in the water: Bodily stability and balance are key to excelling in this sport. As several wakeboarding tricks involve rotations, jumps and hand switches, your hand-eye coordination skills would also be honed.
  • Enhances mental concentration and refreshes the mind: The adrenaline you can experience while wakeboarding, plus the feel-good endorphins while on the water, can enhance your mental health and refresh your mind.
  • Enhances social communication: Wakeboarding with family and friends provides a good chance to create memories with loved ones and make new friends.
  • Boosts your swimming skills: While you do not need to be an award-winning swimmer when you wakeboard, stamina in the water is a must when you wakeboard. This is to keep yourself safe in the water, especially since you may fall into the water several times when wakeboarding.

As wakeboarding is becoming more popular in Singapore as a water sport activity, it is never too late to try your hands out at this sport. That being said, know your strengths and limitations as wakeboarding can become risky or strenuous if you have some form of medical conditions. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor before engaging in the sport.


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